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MeTarotCard2 Tarot Collecting and Museum Project

I love tarot cards and started collecting in the early 1970s.  My collection is now close to 100 decks.

When I first started collecting Tarot cards, I saved up to buy a deck or two a year. There were not that many to chose from back then and I would pick which ever one seemed interesting.  Now there are 100’s to chose from with many different themes and awesome art work. With so many tarot decks out there, it can be very tempting to go over board and try to collect them all (or at least almost all of them). Of course the expense and the sheer volume of decks makes that impossible.

I tend to mostly select Tarot cards that have a theme that reflect some of my other interests as well, such as wicca, paganism, spirituality, Goddesses, dragons, faeries, medieval, and Native American. However, that is a very general guideline, if a Tarot Deck captures my attention, tugs at my heart, or I think is unusual, it doesn’t matter what the theme is I will add it to the colletion. I am also very fortunate to have a good friend, Mama Kelly, who often surprises me with a Tarot deck every now and then for my birthday and\or Christmas, and she always picks a deck that is very cool. Since she also collects, whenever she gets a new deck I usually find myself really liking it and adding it to my “wish” list.

I will from time to time check on Ebay for a good deal on older decks or a “lot” of cards where there are several decks together. If the bidding doesn’t get too high and it’s a deck(s) I really like, I will do my best to win the auction (within reason). I don’t get decks for their “collector’s” value. But I will from time to time get a Tarot deck just for fun (i.e. Cher cd and 13 tarot card box set) or a very old, out of print deck when I get a good deal (i.e. Pendragon Mother’s Tarot Deck). I will also give a good home to any “unwanted” Tarot decks, or if someone can no longer keep their deck(s) due to moving or other life circumstances.

My dream would be to one day be able to have a Tarot Museum and have the collection on display for all to enjoy. But since I don’t think hubby will let me open our house up to the general public, I will have to content myself with sharing the collection virtually – my long term goal is to post a review with a photo of each deck (which will probably take me a couple years to finish).

My tips for collecting:
Have fun and enjoy. Follow your heart and your spirit. The true value of a Tarot deck is in how it speaks to you. Watch your budget. Unless you have unlimited funds, don’t spend a lot of money on a so called “collector’s” deck that is out of print. Remember, if the deck is republished the monetary value will greatly decrease.

The first deck that I learned to read tarot with is the Rider Waite Tarot Tarot Collecting and Museum Project.  I still have that deck and it is the one I use for readings for myself (I use a newer printing of the same deck for readings for others).  I also enjoy the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards Tarot Collecting and Museum Project, I find they are very good for a quick one to three card reading, inspiration for a quick daily reading, and\or additional insight to a question along with a regular reading.  I really like many of the decks I have, so it is hard to pick a favorite – but if I had to pick just one I think it would have to be the Gaian Tarot Tarot Collecting and Museum Project created by Joanna Powell Colbert.

Next week I will post “The Tale of My First Tarot Deck” (a story of loss and spiritual renewal).

Do you read and\or collect tarot? How many decks do you have? Do you have a favorite(s)?

Bright Blessings, Lady Rose

Check out a list of my collection here: TAROT COLLECTION AND MUSEUM PROJECT – dedicated to the perservation of Tarot Decks. If you know of a Tarot Deck in need of a good home and wish to donate it to the museum project feel free to message me on Facebook (profile) for details. All donated decks will be kept safe and loved, and available for viewing online (until such time as a physical location can be acquired for display), the donor’s name with a link  of their choice and brief description will be posted here on the collection page next to the donated deck.

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  1. I just started collecting decks. I started with the Gilded Tarot and am in love with it. I would like to obtain a nice Rider-Waite deck for my collection in the future. I fell in love with Ciro Marchetti’s vision so I bought another deck he illustrated: Tarot of Dreams. Then while traveling I bought a Native American deck and my collecting came to be!

    I love the Shadowscapes deck and the Osho Zen deck but actually started a Pinterest board of all the decks I want in the future because I fell in love with so many. Lots are reasonably priced though ($10-30)! I am looking forward to be able to share my collection with friends and family and let them “choose” which deck they would like me to read from,because what speaks to them with definitely enhance the reading :)

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