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A blog reader asked: Somone at work has been attacking me for 15 years and lately has ramped up the attacks. Not sure what this person has against me (possibly jealousy) but it’s been BAD lately. It’s been about a month now and the funny thing is that shortly before the first attack, I had a really BAD feeling; and felt it was connected to work, which at the time I thought was RIDICULOUS but now feel was my psychic instincts, which are not that great, letting me know trouble was ahead.  What can I do?  ANY help you can give on any level is greatly appreciated.

Write the name on a piece of paper, put it in an ice cube tray with water and freeze it (or a small plastic container filled with water and freeze.  As you do this – visualize the person being completely frozen in their tracks in regards to any attacks on you.

Go to the dollar and get a cheap mirror – keep it on your desk with the mirror facing in the general direction of where the person sits.  Each morning visualize anything they send to you bouncing off the mirror and back to them.

Stones and crystals are very protective – doesn’t have a to be big expensive pieces and you may already have some – keep one or more in a bag on your person or on your desk.  Some common stones for protection: Amber, Amethyst, Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Malachite, Smokey Quartz Crystals, Sugilite, and/or Tourmalinated Quartz – there are others too.  If you have a quartz crystal point you can bring it to work and create a circle of protection around your work space – holding it in your hand pointing the crystal outward “draw” in the air and in your mind a protective circle around your self and your cubicle  (when you leave at night just say “the circle is now open” and visualize the energy going back into the ground),  then redo it it in the morning.

For long term protection continue to be spiritually open and transforming your own life.  As your ability to gather and circulate qi (life force) increases and expands the negativity (vibrations) of others will have less and less affect on you.  We can not change someone else, but we can protect ourselves from those who wish to live their focused on spitefulness, jealousy and other negative emotions.  Being filled with calm, loving energy benefits you and everyone around you even if the person choses to continue to be negative – you can chose not to feed into the cycle and focus on love and light filling your aura (which will naturally reflect all negativity).

Namaste, Lady Rose

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  1. Question..

    Do the stones & crystal have to be cleansed after a while. To get rid of the negativity they absorb?
    Steve recently posted..Holiday eating..My Profile

    • Hi Steve – yes I would recommend cleaning the stones from time to time (can use sage, to leave them on the ground for a day or two or use what ever is your preferred method)

  2. That’s interesting because in a book of spells that I have a spell to protect your reputation is almost exactly the same: “Write your name on the sticking plaster or band-ad. Remove ice cube from refrigerator. Fasten sticking plaster/band aid to bottom of ice cure so that your name is facing away from the ice. Replace ice cube in its container. You may have difficulty making the plaster adhere to the ice but it will stay in place when you return the ice cube to it’s container”

    • Another alternative is to write the name on a piece of paper, put in a sealed container and bury it – visualizing the person being stopped in their tracks if they send negetivity your way.
      Lady Rose recently posted..Protection SpellsMy Profile

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