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Collection of Chants from a Variety of Sources

Chants for Invoking the Directions

Earth my body
Water my blood
Air my breath and
Fire my spirit

– author unknown

Air I am, fire I am
water, earth, and spirit I am

Andras Corban Arthen

Chants for General Use

Under the full moon light we dance:
Spirits dance, we dance
Joining hands, we dance:
Joining souls, rejoice!

Karen Beth

It’s the blood of the Ancients
that runs through our veins
And the forms pass,
but the circle of life remains

— Ellen Klaven & Charlie Murphy

The Earth, the water, the fire, the air
return, return, return, return

Michael Tierra

Chants for Healing

We are alive as the Earth is alive
We have the power to fight for her freedom
If we have courage we can be healers
Like the sun we shall rise
If we have courage we shall be healers
Like the sun we shall rise.

Rose May Dance, Starhawk

I Am A Circle And I Am Healing You
You Are A Circle And You Are Healing Me
Unite Us, Be One Unite Us, Be As One

— Adele Getty

Chants for Honoring the Goddess

Doxology (version 1)

Praise Her from whom all blessings flow.
Fruits of Her harvest to bestow.
Sustain us as we change and grow.
Praise Mother Earth our ancient home.
Blessed be.

— Linda Pinti, Former CUUPS chair

Doxology (version 2)

Praise Her from whom all blessings flow.
For waters deep and fire’s glow.
For life and breath and Earth our home.
Praise Mother, Maid and Ancient Crone.
Blessed be.

— Author Unknown

Chants for Honoring the God

Herne, Hunter Of Souls
We Hear Your Horn,
We Hear Your Hounds
Throughout The Starry Woods
Herne, Hunter Of Souls
In Underworld And Overworld
Your Hunt Goes Ever On

Ivo Domínguez Jr

Hoof and horn. Hoof and horn
All that dies shall be reborn
Corn and grain. Corn and grain
All that falls shall rise again

By Ian Corrigan

pixel Collection of Pagan Chants

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