Dec 222011

13 Holiday Greetings 13 Holiday Greetings

Holiday well wishes to one and all

  1. Blessed Yule,
  2. Joyous Winter Solstice,
  3. Io Saturnalia!,
  4. Happy Humanlight,
  5. Seasons Greetings,
  6. Happy Holidays,
  7. Happy Kwanzaa,
  8. Happy Hanukkah,
  9. Merry Christmas,
  10. Feliz Navidad,
  11. Joyeux Noel,
  12.  Joyful Boxing Day,
  13. and a Happy Festivus for the rest of us! (Seinfeld fans will get that last reference).

And for something really unusual there is always Krampus Day (he travels with Santa)!

Bright blessings and Yuletide Joy to all, Lady Rose

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  7 Responses to “13 Holiday Greetings”

  1. What a happy list! Thanks for sharing … and Merry Christmas.
    The Gal Herself recently posted..Thursday Thirteen #151My Profile

  2. Looks like you’ve got them all mentioned.
    Have a great weekend!
    Harriet recently posted..The 2011 Holiday Season FactsMy Profile

  3. Wishing you Good Yule and a very Happy Christmas!

  4. I like the Italian “Buone Feste”, myself. (That’s Happy Festivals, btw, how they say Happy Holidays.) The more traditional “Buon Natale” is nice too. I have to practice a lot, because I’ll hear it everywhere I go, here! :)

    So, Buon Natale a te! And a Happy TT, too!

  5. Have a special memorable holiday all !1sandy
    sandy recently posted..13 Christmas memories in those WVA hills and laterMy Profile

  6. Happy Festivus back at you. Festivus was one of the funniest looks at our holidays! Thanks . I wish you the best this holiday season.

  7. Happy holidays to you, too! That’s my favorite; it covers everything.
    CountryDew recently posted..Thursday ThirteenMy Profile

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