Oct 142011

InfiniteLight 300x144 The Infinite Light

The Infinite Light
by Lady Rose

I am surrounded by the Infinite Light.
My soul huddles, frightened in fear.
I am healed by the Infinite Light.
My body aches, crushed in pain.
I am cradled by the Infinite Light.
My heart bleeds, broken by loss.
I am nourished by the Infinite Light.
My mind screams, overcome with terror.
I am guided by the Infinite Light.
My soul reaches out from the darkness.
I am surrounded by the Infinite Light.

InfiniteLight The Infinite Light


No matter how bad the darkness seems, remember the Inifinite Light is always with you.
Blessed Be, Lady Rose

Note: I wrote this poem in July 2006 in the wee hours of the morning, all was quiet and dark outside – it is a time when the sorrows of the past often rage against the healing and empowered self of the present.  I find that acknowlegding and honoring memories and emotions from the dark past while also shining the light of love within helps end the battle, heals the heart, and creates a stronger, wiser soul.

pixel The Infinite Light

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  1. Thank you– right now I need this so much… trust me ::hug::

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