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KellySweaterDec2007 1 Mrs Weasley Sweater Christmas Gift

The Mrs Weasley Sweater is the best handmade gift I’ve ever made.  I enjoy crocheting and go through bursts of making a ton of items for a few months, than usually take a year or two off before getting the urge to crochet again.  It is always extra special when I can make something special for someone as a gift, especially when I know they will really and truly love it – and I knew this Mrs. Weasley sweater was going to be a a big hit with my best friend Mama Kelly (she is has big a Harry Potter fan as I am and Mrs. Weasley is her favorite character). 

Christmas 2007 Mama Kelly’s Mrs. Weasly Sweater – I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed making this sweater for my dear friend Mama Kelly and she looks awesome in it – it is so HER! I was even more thrilled that I managed to actually get it done in time to give it to her for Yule 2007 (since I didn’t even start it until the beginning of Dec.). I was thrilled I managed to get the sizing just about right (since my crochet projects prior to this had been much easier type patterns like blankets, ponchos, scarves, etc.).

I managed to find a box big enough to use to wrap the sweater in (a big American Girl box that we had), inside I also covered it with lots of tissue paper, and added on top of the tissue paper a printed out photo from the movie of Mrs. Weasley in the sweater that I added the message: Happy Yule from Mrs. Weasley!

It was so hard keeping the secret too. But I knew if I posted even a hint about making something special that Mama Kelly would some how guess, but I wanted her to be totally surprised so I managed to keep it a secret.  A lot of folks were almost as excited about the project as I was.  All the ladies I work with got to see it in progress and the finished sweater when I had it done.  They couldn’t wait to see photos of Mama Kelly wearing it. They were all keeping their fingers crossed for me that I would win the bid on the buttons (the auction on ebay was not an easy one to win and I almost lost them!) – everyone agreed they were the “perfect” buttons (though I did get a few other buttons on auction just as a backup in case I lost the bid).  Here are some closeups:


KellyJustButtonCropped2007 1 Mrs Weasley Sweater Christmas Gift

I started making the sweater Dec 16, 2007 finished it by Dec. 24, 2007 – except for the last rows of trim along the front where the buttons would go since I had to wait for the buttons to arrive to know how to place them and where to put the buttonholes. I won the button ebay auction a couple of days before Christmas, and they arrived Dec. 29 so I managed to get the whole thing completed by Dec. 30. The body of sweater took 9 balls of Vanna’s choice yarn (dusty rose), and for the arms I used 13 different colors (two different brands of soft yarns to get the color variety I wanted – Caron Simply Soft and Red Heart Soft Yarn).

I wish I had taken a picture of her stirring the big pot of yummy soup she was making while she was wearing the sweater – she really did look like she belonged in a magical home like The Burrow.

Do you make handmade gifts?   What is your favorite kind of gift to make?

Bright Blessings, Lady Rose

Note: Pattern Info.: “Coat of Many Colors,” from Crochet Cabin (cost $7).

pixel Mrs Weasley Sweater Christmas Gift

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    • Thanks Rose! It was a lot of fun to make but it was a lot of work too – I have enough yarn left over to make another but just haven’t had the urge – one of these I might make one for myself.

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