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Mandalas – FREE Coloring Pages
(For All Ages)

Mandala is the Sanskrit word for sacred circle, polygon, community, or connection.  Native American, Hindu, and Buddhist Tantric practices have used Mandalas for thousands of years as an aid for meditation, and to express illuminated states of consciousness and for healing the body, mind, and spirit.

The dictionary defines a mandala as any of various ritualistic geometric designs symbolic of the universe; a generic word for any geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically, a view of the Universe from the human perspective.

Mandalas can be colored for fun, relaxation, intent, focus, or meditation. Here is a nice collection of resources around the web for free coloring pages:

Large Collection Mandala Coloring Pages (at edupics) – from ages 5 and up, many for adults also, complex, beautiful, 100 to chose from in 6 categories  and various themes (i.e. animals, scarabs, Christmas)

Mandalas to Color (12 coloring pages at freekidscoloring.com, very nice selection)

Papercrafts for Kids – Mandalas (geometric designs, click on colored images to view larger black & white printable image to color in) – site also has a lot of information to learn more about the art and symbology of mandalas.

Mandala Coloring Pages (6 printable pages)

June Moon Visionary Art Mandalas (19 coloring pages, nice selection)

Mandalarbre volume 1  (French website – 90 Mandala Coloring Pages for older kids and adults) – click on images to view larger image.  See also:  volume 2, volume 3, volume 4.

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 Mandala Coloring PagesMandala: Luminous Symbols for Healing, 10th Anniversary Edition with a New CD of Meditations and Exercises (Judith Cornell)



 Mandala Coloring PagesHealing Mandalas: 30 Inspiring Meditations to Soothe Your Mind, Body & Soul (Lisa Tenzin-Dolma)

pixel Mandala Coloring Pages

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