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Lian Hat 3 Angelgirl Crocheted Cap

A few years ago my best friend, Mama Kelly, crocheted a cap for my daughter, Angelgirl.  She liked it so much she wanted to have a few in lots of colors.  I really enjoy crocheting, so I came up with this quick and easy little pattern and made her a few.  The photo shows one made in a lightweight yarn, great for spring and fall, but if made in a heavier yarn it is very nice for winter too.

Crocheted Cap 
Materials: Hook size G;  Yarn: 2 ply, about 4 ounces
Size – Pattern can easily be adaptedfor smaller or larger size.  This hat fit Angelgirl when she was 12, she is petite, wears size 8 to 10 clothes

When I first made it, it was about 2 sizes to small (only had 6 rows of dc and then started the shell rows).
Circumference – lessen or increase the number of double crochet rows (1-9), if increasing do two dc every 12 or so stictches evenly all around increasing in a multiple of 3 to keep circle flat.
Length – reduce or increase the number Shell\SC & Chain rows

Chain 4, slip stitch together to form a circle.
Row 1 – Chain 3 (counts as first double crochet), dc 9 in circle (total 10)
Row 2 – Chain 3 and dc in first stitch, 2 dc each of the remaining 9 stiches (total 20)
Row 3 – Chain 3 and dc in first stitch, *dc crochet in next and two dc in next*, repeat from * for a total of 30 dc
Row 4 – Same as Row 3, for a total of 45 dc
Row 5 – Chain 3 and dc in first stitch, *dc in next 8 and two dc in 9th, repeat from * for a total of 50 dc
Row 6 – Chain 3 and doc in first stich, *dc in next 9 and two dc in 10th, repeat from * for a total 55
Row 7 – Chain 3 and doc in first stich, *dc in next 10 and two dc in 11th, repeat from * for a total of 60
Row 8 – Chain 3 and doc in first stich, *dc in next 4 and two dc in 5th, repeat from * for a total of 72
Row 9 – Chain 3 and doc in first stich, *dc in next 11 and two dc in 12th, repeat from * for a total of 78
Row 10 – SC and Chain Space Row: chain 1, single crochet in first 3 dc, chain 3 and skip 3 dc, *single crochet in next 3 dc, chain 3, repeat from * all way around, end with slip stitch to first sc
Row 11 – Shell Row: slip stitch to second (middle) sc, chain 1 and sc, *five dc in chain space (shell), sc in middle sc, repeat from * all way around, end with slip stitch to first sc
Row 12 – SC and Chain Space: slip stich to 2nd dc, sc in middle three dc, chain 3, *sc in dc 2,3,4 of next shell, chain 3, repeat from * all way around, end with a slip stitch to first sc
Repeat Row 11 and 12 four more times, or more for desired length to fit the child; end with a repeat of row 12 (SC and Chain Space row)
Last row:
Single crochet in each of the sc and 3 sc in chain spaces, all way around.
Optional – For one to three more rows sc crochet in each stitch all way around. This creates a nice edge that can be worn flat or turned up. I prefer having a total of three rows of sc to finish the hat, it just gives it a more finished look to me.

Lian Hat 2 Angelgirl Crocheted Cap)O(Lian Hat 1 Angelgirl Crocheted Cap

Note: This was my first time creating a pattern, I hope the directions clear.

What crafts do you enjoy?  What gifts have you made or will be making this year for Christmas (Yule)?

pixel Angelgirl Crocheted Cap

  6 Responses to “Angelgirl Crocheted Cap”

  1. I love that hat! I knit, but I was so frustrated with my last couple of projects that I stopped for awhile. Last week I was shopping at a craft store and found some soft, pretty alpaca yarn. It’s a nice gray color. I came home and cast on for a hat for my husband. If it turns out well I will give it to him for christmas/yule.

    Would it be possible to get the pattern for this hat in a knitting pattern? I don’t know how to crochet but I would love to make one of them!

  2. Once upon a time, I enjoyed crocheting, but now that I’m writing that’s no longer something I’m doing myself. But I do have a crocheted afghan throw on my bed. I love it. I love thinking of who made it (I got it at a used clothing store.)

    • How nice that you acknowledge and honor th energy that was put into creating it by the people who crochet it.

      I always weave in healing and protection energy to all the things I make. But even if someone is making something and not consciously “charging” it with energy, there is an energy transfer and crocheting (as is any hand made item) is a creation of love.

  3. Cute! I’ve tried crochet but I get bored with it after awhile. My first project was a light throw, but it never got finished LOL perhaps I should have started with a smaller project.

    • I go through spurts where I crochet a lot, then I don’t for a few months or even a year or two. A smaller project probably is a good idea to start out with – and I find having a yarn that I really love helps too – my favorite yarn is alpaca – it is soft and lush. There is an alpaca farm not too far from my house and I indulge once in awhile (the yarn is expensive).

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