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Keep It Simple – This is a reminder I need all the time.  One of my major goals that I have in the months and years ahead is to declutter my house.  After losing 172 lbs and reaching my goal weight of 135 lbs Jan. 2011, I am feeling strong enough and pain free enough to start tackling the huge task of sorting, cleaning and organing every room in my house.  I blogged about my journey to “declutter” my body of unneeded pounds at my blog Diet Pulpit (weight loss summary – May 1, 2006 to Jan. 1, 2001), it was a bumpy road with lots of ups and downs.  Here at Blissful Moon I will  blogging about the my adventures of my “end the clutter project.”  Feel free to share your tips and ideas, your successes and frustrations.  I look forward to sharing the journey to a more simple, relaxed, and enriching lifestyle.

A house is not the only thing that gets cluttered.  It is all to easy to for life in general to get cluttered with stress, negative emotions, complications, etc. that all drain and waste our time and energy.

Here are some suggestions and a gentle reminder to simplify your life, your rituals, your every day and connect to what is really important.

  • Nurture your energy and the flame within and it will be available to you when challenges arise unexpectedly or when you choose to challenge yourself to achieve something wonderful.
  • Take a small step each day to uncomplicate your life.
  • Toss out things you don’t need (or donate it to someone who does). Strive to own little, but enjoy more.
  • Keep a notepad handy to jot down things you want to remember so you can unclutter your mind.
  • Take a few minutes throughout the day to be “still” and just breathe, to focus entirely on being quiet and connect with your inner wisdom.
  • Evalaute your surroundings and find ways to bring joy and simple comforts to your every day – for example, if you enjoy coffee in the morning treat yourself to a good cup every morning, sip it slowly and truly taste it. By creating an oasis of simple moments of pleasure throughout the day, the outer chaos won’t seem as intrusive.

Homemade Simple (website) – ideas to help make your life more enjoyable, ways to simplify, organize, beautify, and inspire your life and keep it simple. They also offer a free newsletter.

Keep it simple, so your spirit can shine through. You will be glad you did.

Bright blessings, Lady Rose

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Photo: this is a photo of flowers at Fernbrook farm where we have our farm share

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