Nov 042011

GroundsForSculpture mist 225x300 Living Life As A Wise Woman

I started Blissful Moon with the overall goal of living my life as a wise woman.  I will also be blogging about many aspects of my life, creating a healthy lifestyle, my adventures as a kitchen witch, balancing the spiritual\magical aspects of life with the day to day “muggle” realm and much more, but the foundation behind all of it is the goal to listen and follow the wisdom of the universe that is available to all of us.  I wanted to take a moment and share what I mean by “living the life as a wise woman.”

Living life as a wise woman, for me, means honoring Spirit, empowered in body-mind-spirit, celebrating the joy in each day, manifesting the wisdom within, having a sense of humor, and sharing the love that is all around.

I strive to gain a bit of wisdom each day, and consider myself a work in progress. I don’t have all the answers to life’s questions nor do I consider myself particularly “wise.” Living life as a wise woman doesn’t mean I’m perfect or always right. For me, it means I am open to learning from mistakes, transforming and discovering so each day is richer and making the best choices I can at that moment.

I strive to smile each day, hug my loved ones each day, give thanks for my blessings each day and face challenges head on. I don’t always succeed but I don’t beat myself for not being perfect and I learn the lessons from my mistakes (though some take longer to learn then others).

Life has definitely been an adventure so far, sometimes filled with years of struggle, heart ache, challenges, and a bit of insanity tossed in for good measure. However, the love and joy I’ve shared with family and friends far out shines the choas that life tossed my way. Through it all I have had my moments of clarity and inspiration, and many moments of wandering aimlessly in the dark – but overall no matter the circumstances I have always strived to build on a foundation of making the best decisions I can at the time, forgiving myself when I don’t, and moving forward with a positive outlook and gaining wisdom from experience.

I look forward to sharing lessons learned, struggles and victories, past experiences and future adventures with all of my readers.

Bright blessings, Lady Rose

Photo: I took this photo at the Grounds for Sculpture (several acres of land dedicated to beautiful art and landscaping, located 2 mitles from my house).

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