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TAROT RESOURCES – my collection of tarot information, blogs, and websites from around the web.

Listed below are the tarots decks I have bought and recieved as gifts over the years since starting to collect in the early 1970s. My long term goal is to eventually have a review post with photos for each deck – this is a long term project and will take a few years to complete. The collection list and wish list are updated about once a year, so maybe a bit out of date.

Note: I do NOT do spells or readings for the lottery, getting rich quick, making someone fall in love or any type of love spells. If you have a sincere desire to learn how to improve your life, create more abundance and love in your life through wicca or other positive means I am happy to help.

Disclaimer: Tarot information and readings are provided for entertainment and educational purposes only.  The real magic is within you, trust your inner voice.

TAROT MUSEUM PROJECT – dedicated to the perservation of Tarot Decks. If you know of a Tarot Deck in need of a good home and wish to donate it to the museum project feel free to message me on Facebook (profile) or contact me for details. All donated decks will be kept safe and loved, and available for viewing online (until such time as a physical location can be acquired for display), the donor’s name with a link  of their choice and brief description will be posted here on the collection page next to the donated deck.

Tarot Collection – Includes oracle cards, rune sets and other divination tools (updated 10/28/11)

  1. Rider Waite Deck (early 1970s), first tarot deck owned and the one I learned to read with (ankh on back).
  2. Universal Rider Waite Deck and Book Set (1990), dark blue star background, includes spread sheet
  3. Tarot of the New Vision Kit (box set book and cards) (2005) – new version of Rider Waite, Llewellyn Publications
  4. Rider Waite Deck (based on original, with rose and tudor back) – 1993, U.S. Games Inc.
  5. Rider Waite Deck (blue and black plaid back) – U.S. Games Inc.
  6. Nybor Tarot Deck, created by Nybor a well-known pagan\wiccan artist, signed and numbered boxed set from the first printing of 500 in 2011 (official website: Nybor Art Tarot).
  7. Gaian Tarot Tarot Collection & Museum Project created by Joanna Powell Colbert. Official website: Gaian Tarot (collector’s edition deck (only 1000 made) added March 2010; regularly published deck added Sept. 2011)
  8. The Well Worn Path
  9. The Hidden Path (with book)
  10. Harry Potter Tarot (Chinese)-
  11. Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot (28 cards, given out at a one-night Disney event) , only 800 sets printed.-
  12. Cher Tarot Cards Boxed set of 13 cards with single Love Hurts on cd, U.S . promotional item (autographed), very rare.-
  13. The Wildwood Tarot – official website – new edition will be released with changes, (added Oct. 2011); (originally published aas the Greenwood Tarot)  Facebook: Wilderwood Tarot
  14. Wizards Tarot – official website (added Oct. 2011)
  15. Pagan Tarot
  16. Merryday Tarot-
  17. Tarot of a Moon Garden-
  18. The Pendragon Mother’s Deck-
  19. The Faulkner Tarot – the first modern photographic tarot deck (Rhiannon Faulkner) – (added Nov. 2011) (Facebook Page)
  20. The Brian Deck (35 oracle cards) – Brian Copthorne, the little man known for being Rhiannon Faulkner’s spirit guide – (added Nov. 2011) – **100th deck added to the collection**
  21. The Goddess Tarot
  22. Waking the Wild Spirit Tarot (box set), Poppy Palin
  23. Mystic Faerie Tarot with Book and Bag (Box Set)
  24. Faery Wisdom Deck and Book (64 cards, Nancy Brown)
  25. Celtic Dragon Tarot
  26. Dragons Tarot (Tarot de los Dragones)-
  27. Dragon Tarot Cards Kit
  28. The Dragon Tarot and Book Box Set(Nigel Suckling)
  29. Transforming Dragons- (64 cards)
  30. Legend The Arthurian Tarot-
  31. The Witches Tarot (Lllewellyn) and softcover book (no box)-
  32. Witchy Tarot (Tarot de la Bruja Moderna)
  33. Sensual Wicca Tarot-
  34. The Witches Oracle (Fortune Telling Cards)
  35. Runic Tarot
  36. Sacred Circle Tarot
  37. The Moon Oracle (box set cards and book)-
  38. The Mystic Dreamer Tarot
  39. Earth Magic Oracle Cards
  40. Enchanted Oracle Cards
  41. Daughters of the Moon Tarot (round)
  42. Tarot of the New Vision – box set deck and book
  43. Romani Tarot Cards & Book (Buckland) reprinted; (fyi: original first edition 2001 The Buckland Romani Tarot: In the Authentic Gypsy Tradition Tarot Collection & Museum Project goes for $145 amazon, and Ebay as high as $650)
  44. Alchemy Tarot Cards & Book (Buckland) – 50 cards
  45. Lord of the Rings Oracle-
  46. The Gilded Tarot (box set with book and black bag)-
  47. Da Vinci Enigma Tarot
  48. The Druid Animal Oracle
  49. Whimsical Tarot
  50. Dark Grimoire Tarot
  51. The Mythic Tarot
  52. The Labyrinth Tarot and hard cover book (Luis Royo)-
  53. The Vampire Tarot
  54. The Destiny Tarot (box set with book)
  55. The Ship of Fools Tarot (box set with book)
  56. The Art of Tarot-
  57. The New Tarot (for the Aquarian Age)-
  58. Tarot of the Spirit-
  59. Le Tarot De Marseille**
  60. Tarot Classic**
  61. Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot**
  62. Barbara Walker Tarot**
  63. New Age Tarot (Tarot du nouvel age)-
  64. The Medieval Scapini Tarot
  65. Ship of Fools Tarot (box set with book)
  66. The Instant Tarot Reader
  67. The Tarot of Prague – based on the art and architecture of the Magic City-
  68. The Parrott Tarot-
  69. The Power Deck (the cards of wisdom)
  70. Sacred Path Cards (set of 44 cards)
  71. The Medicine Woman Tarot Deck
  72. A Voice from the Earth (cards of winds and changes, set of 49 cards)
  73. The Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards (spiritual teachings of the Sioux, set of 50 cards)
  74. Osho Zen Tarot (box set cards and book)- (*note: find cd of osho zen tarot music?)
  75. The Housewives Tarot
  76. Visconti Tarots
  77. Baseball Tarot**
  78. Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards
  79. Hanson Roberts Tarot
  80. The Parlour Sibyl (52 cards)**
  81. Goddess Guidance (oracle cards)
  82. Magical Unicorns (oracle cards)
  83. Healing with the Fairies (oracle cards)
  84. Soul Cards-
  85. Star+Gate (set of 96 2-sided cards)
  86. The Tarot of Gemstones and Crystals
  87. The Flowers Speaks (deck of 52 cards) *
  88. Renaissance Tarot Deck * (2)**
  89. The World Spirit Tarot *
  90. Tarot of the Old Path *
  91. Tarol Roots of Asia (no box) *
  92. Karma Tarot (no box) *
  93. I Ching of Love (no booklet) *
  94. Artist Inner Vision Tarot (no box, no booklet) *
  95. Nefertari Tarot (no box, no booklet) *
  96. Celtic Wisdom (no box, no booklet) *
  97. The Way of Cartouche (an oracle of ancient Egyptian magic)
  98. Amulets of the Goddess (27 carved stones)
  99. The Runes box set – 25 runes, bag, book (Horik Svensson)
  100. I Ching

* Purchased a LOT collection from Ebay, spring 2007.
** Purchased a LOT collection from Ebay, Spring 2008
– Individual decks purchased from Ebay

Books & Other Related Tarot Items :
Tarot Made Easy, Nancy Garen
Traveling the Royal Road: Mastering the Tarot, Nancy Shavick
The Tarot, Nancy Shavick
Spiritual Tarot, S. Echols, R. Mueller, S. Thomson (authors of The Lover’s Tarot)
Tarot in Ten Minutes, R.T. Kaser
The Art of Tarot, Liz Dean
Tarot Journaling, Corrine Kenner
Osho Zen Tarot: Music for Tarot Reading – cd from creators of Osho Zen Tarot Deck
A Practical Guide to the Runes, Llewellyn
4 Mardi Gras Tarot Coins
Tarot earrings, Tarot charm necklace, doll house set: tarot, crystal ball & ouija board
Tarot Box (painted by Angelgirl, my daughter)


Tarot Wish List  (as of 10/13/11)

The Fairy Ring: An Oracle of the Fairy Folk Tarot Collection & Museum Project*
Wiccan Cards.
Circle of Life Tarot Deluxe.
The Bohemian Gothic Tarot *
Pearls of Wisdom Tarot Deck.
Spiral Tarot Deck .
The Llewellyn Tarot.
Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards Tarot Collection & Museum Project.
Fantastical Creatures Tarot .
The Robin Wood Tarot .
Gypsy Oracle Cards .
Fairy Tarot Grand Trumps .
The Halloween Tarot Deck and Book Set .
Universal Fantasy Tarot.
The Fairytale Tarot: For a Happy Ever After.
The Enchanted Tarot: Book and Cards.
Golden Tarot Deck.
Tarot of Pagan Cats Tarot Collection & Museum Project.
Shadowscapes Tarot Tarot Collection & Museum Project.
Healing Earth Tarot (2nd edition) by Jyoti McKie (1st edition, 106 cards – out of print) – 2nd edition (2009) self-published by the artist, has different borders, two extra majors (108 cards total), and an expanded companion book – currently no info on website how to purchase Nov. 2011, will keep checking back

and many more….

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  1. Dear Lady Rose
    I have been interested in Wicca for some time and believe I may have undeveloped psychic ability of some sort.Although I suppose everyone feels this way who is interested in this area of study.
    The reason I am writing is to ask if you would do a reading.I seem off, maybe it’s a
    spiritual thing. I just don’t know,so I am coming to you.
    If you agree to help me my birthdate is 10/31/1964 . I’m sorry I don’t know the time.
    Birthplace : New Brighton, Minnesota
    Thank you

    • Hi – thank you for stopping by. I don’t do tarot readings, but I have sent you an email with some suggestions. Bright blessings, Lady Rose

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