Jan 042012

Amethyst Inside Quartz Crystal Cluster and Amethyst Geode

To compare for size I had a candy cane handy. Here is a photo of the very large quartz crystal and amethyst geode with the candy cane propped up against them.  Each one weighs at least 70 lbs.  I was unable to lift them out of my trunk and had to wait until my brother had some time to come over and bring them in.

SizeQuartz Amethyst Quartz Crystal Cluster and Amethyst Geode

They are placed in front of our fireplace, the quartz crystal cluster to the left and the amethyst geode to the right. Here is a larger photo of each:

Quartz Crystal Cluter Quartz Crystal Cluster and Amethyst Geode

Metaphysical and healing properties associated with quartz crystal cluster: a cluster of crystals brings a “group” energy to it’s surrounding area; used to foster protection, cooperation, purification, harmony, friendship, intimacy and to break up negative energy in the environment. A large cluster is wonderful for “re-charging” other crystals with energy; utilized in “cleansing” other crystals of negative energy (lay a crystal on top of a cluster for 24-48 hours in order to cleanse and recharge it). Clusters help to keep all life forms energized and clear of heavy or unproductive energy. Clear Quartz Crystal is the most powerful crystal for healing and energy amplification; working at a vibrational level it attunes to the specific energy requirements of the person needing healing or undertaking spiritual work. It absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy and has the widest range of metaphysical applications. Quartz crystal raises (spiritual) energy to the highest possible level; stores information like a natural computer and are a spiritual library waiting to be accessed. Holding a quartz crystal in your hand doubles your biomagnetic field.


Amethyst Geode Quartz Crystal Cluster and Amethyst Geode

Metaphysical and healing properties associated with amethyst geodes: Powerful healing (cleansing, calming and transforming); heals all levels of the mind, body and spirit; relieves anxiety, worry, and restlessness and increases mental strength, stability and inner energy (balances and creates emotional centeredness); also used for healing addictions, headaches, arthritis, circulatory system and endocrine systems. Protects the mind from mental attacks and helps to transform negative thinking into positive.; eases stress, grief, depression, emotional despair and inefficient communication.  Amethyst has a soothing quality and is associated with peace and tranquility. Its soothing and protective essence works in favor of improving our intellect, strengthening our attention, and cleansing our mind; relieves the strain in our mind, especially when dealing with increased stress and/or when our mental activity is accelerated. It is also used for communicating with angels, solving legal and financial problems, and enhances higher states of consciousness and meditation; helps you remember your dreams.


There has been a definite positive energy increase in the room and throughout the whole house after these stones were placed in front of the fireplace.  I am looking forward to completing the house blessing ceremony I wrote when I get the other stones I need and specifically charging the crystals and linking them to the smaller stones that will be placed beneath the home, in a circle around the house, and in each room.  I am also planning on some time in the future being able to hold regular healing circles and these the Quartz Crystal Cluster and Amethyst Geode will be a wonderful addition to the healing energy.

pixel Quartz Crystal Cluster and Amethyst Geode