Nov 172011

NoHurryNoWorry1 300x225 13 Tips To Improve Overall Health

Last Thursday 13 I listed my top 13 Weight Loss Tips. To fully answer the question “how did I lose 173 lbs” I need to include other changes I made to help create an overall healthier lifestyle.  My weight loss was not just because of the food I ate and I wasn’t losing weight to fit into a smaller size pair of jeans – I lost the weight because I wanted to regain my health and reduce or eliminate the daily pain I was in.  I wanted more energy and to have a quality life physically, emotionally and mentally.  My journey to lose 173 lbs and reach my goal of a healthy weight (135 lbs) included making a lot of changes to improve my overall health. I didn’t do these changes all at once – but gradually, making one or two changes at a time.  Here are some of the changes I made to help create a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Drink more water, most of us are suffering from dehydration and are not even aware it.  Cut out the soda and sugary beverages, reduce the caffeine (herbal tea is a nice substitute)
  2. Rest – stop fretting about sleep, when you can’t sleep meditate, relax and just breath.  A few hours of meditation are more restorative to your body than a few hours of fitful sleep.  Yes sleep is important – but worrying about it only makes it harder to actually get to sleep.
  3. Add more fresh, whole foods to your meals – pick one meal to improve, than another, than another, make changes gradually and find healthy substitutes for overly processed favorites (i.e. a baked sweet potato instead of potato chips)
  4. Eat more veggies (especially dark greens) – one way to do this is to add lots of veggies to soups and sauces
  5. Take a quality multi-vitamin – our soil is depleted and our foods are less nutritous, so even when eating healthy it is harder to get all the vitamins and minerals our bodies need
  6. Add more fish or other source of Omega 3 to your diet
  7. Cut back on meat gradually, goal is to use meat more like a condiment rather than as a the bulk of the meal (and when you do eat meat select organic whenever possible), have a meatless meal several times a week and when you do use meat have it be the “side dish” not the featured item on the plate.
  8. Add more raw food to your daily menu, an easy way to do this is green smoothies –  I use a good blender (I use a Blendtec 13 Tips To Improve Overall Health; a Vitamix 13 Tips To Improve Overall Health is also very good) to blend fruit and dark green veggies together (and it is delicious!). Two books that are very helpful and got me started with Green Smoothies: Victoria Boutenko’s  Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Towards Natural Health 13 Tips To Improve Overall Healthand Green for Life 13 Tips To Improve Overall Health.
  9. Switch to more natural cleaners, and use less chemicals in the home
  10. Forgive yourself and others, let go of past hurts and anger
  11. Smile and hug more, reach out to others
  12. Gratitude and respect, cultivate a positive attitude about life, the earth, and others
  13. Learn more about herbs and their nutritional value (for cooking and natural remedies) – using herbs doesn’t have to be complicated and there are dozens of ways to use the herbs that are already in your kitchen. Below is a link to a FREE herbal course.

125x125 sh 13 Tips To Improve Overall Health

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Note: The photo is one I took at the farm where we have a farm share.

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Nov 102011

HowToWeighYourself 222x300 Top 13 Weight Loss Tips

I’m often asked “How did I lose 173 lbs?” To answer that question here are my top 13 weight loss tips that I used to successfully reach my goal.

My Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

  1. Keep a food journal (daily record of food intake, exercise, weekly weighins)
  2. Eat fresh, whole foods as often as possible
  3. Limit sugar and unhealthy fats (eliminate them if you can or keep to a minimum)
  4. Give up the diet soda (this was a tough one for me) or at least limit it to one or two a day (switch to tea, it is much better for you and doesn’t have the harmful affects on your body that soda does)
  5. Set up guidelines and rules that work for you (for example: my rule is 3 small meals a day and to not eat at any other time, this works for me, but may not be workable for others)
  6. Sticking to my motto: Don’t be a fool, eat for fuel (eating for nourishment, not as a means to cope with anger, depression, etc.)
  7. Eat slowly, chew well, appreciate and really taste the food
  8. Get enough sleep (if you can’t sleep, than meditation which refreshes the mind and body)
  9. Eat ONLY when hungry and stop before feeling stuffed – often the body “feels” hungry, but is really in need of water, nutrients or rest, since these are often ignored the body has learned to send out hunger signals instead. Also eating junk food fills the stomach but does not nourish the body, so even though the stomach is full the body keeps signaling it needs more.
  10. Find nonfood ways to reward and comfort yourself, for example: take up a hobby to cope with boredoom, phone a friend when feeling sad, go for a walk when feeling angry
  11. Always be prepared ahead of time when traveling or attending a social event – carry something with you or keep emergency rations in your desk at work if you forget your lunch (for example: protein bar, 100 calorie pack of almonds, packet of instant oatmeal).  Don’t let yourself get so hungry you over indulge or grab something out of the snack machine.
  12. Be gentle with yourself – setting health as a top priority every single day and being loving and kind to yourself
  13. Don’t give up – take one day at a time, plateaus happen, set backs happen – but one step at a time, one meal at a time, one day at time becomes a week, a month, a year and in time any goal can be reached.

Health and Happiness, Lady Rose

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Nov 072011

LadyRoseMoon1 227x300 Getting Healthy Photos 308 to 135 lbs
Photo: August 2011 – weight 135 lbs (maintaining goal weight reached Jan. 1, 2011)

IMG 0521 1 191x300 Getting Healthy Photos 308 to 135 lbs)O(CynSide5 07 200x300 Getting Healthy Photos 308 to 135 lbs)O(meMay2006 156x300 Getting Healthy Photos 308 to 135 lbs
****** May 1, 2010: 170 lbs  ************  May 1, 2007: 218 lbs ************ May 1, 2006 293.5 lbs
(Jan. 31, 2009: 308 lbs highest weight no photo)

Weekly Summary of Weight Lost Journey – from May 1, 2006 to present and beyond (maintanence)

I started blogging May 1, 2006 at my previous blog, Diet Pulpit, to journal my weight loss journey.  It was a long and often bumpy road to reach my goal with ups and downs, and a few tears too.  But finally Jan. 1, 2011 I reached my goal for a healthy weight of 135 lbs.  I will be keeping track of my maintenance here at Blissful Moon, and journal my continuing journey to make positive changes in many aspects of my life to create a heahtly home and lifestyle.

For the record, below is a brief overview of my health issues and diet and weight history and the many trial and errors with diets of all kinds starting over 35 years ago as a young teen when my goal was to lose 5 to 10 lbs, which led to a top weight at one point of over 300 lbs.

  • Childhood: never overweight. Diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at age 2, hospitalized and in bed for several months on and off for years, age 6 to 7 spent 1 year in hospital confined to bed with leg casts on, age 7 to 11 spent 4 years in leg braces and very little activity allowed.
  • Age 14 (1969) – early teens: Weight 125 to 130 lbs Goal 120  Tried to lose 5-10 lbs. Stopped eating as much as possible and self induced vomiting if I did. This phase didn’t last very long – only a few months.
  • Age 18: Weight 155 lbs Tried not eating much and Atkins – didn’t work.
  • Through my 20’s: Weight 155-165 lbs  Hysterectomy for cervial cancer age 20. Starved for many years, tried several diets, would lose some (5 to 10 lbs) and gain back a bit more. Gave up.
  • Through most of my 30’s: Weight 185 lbs  Used diet pills from doctor for several years, very little food but I wasn’t hungry.
  • Age 37 – Sept. 1, 1991: Weight 155 lbs   Finally made it to 155 lbs for my wedding Sept. 1, 1991 by increasing diet pills and less food. After wedding stopped diet pills, tried Atkins, Weight Watchers, Soup Diet, Rice House Diet, and many others.
  • Nov. 2001: 210 lbs Goal  Diagnosed with hypothyroidism, started Levoxyl 50 mcg. Continued trying various diets on and off, but nothing worked. Told by the doctor I would never lose weight and that I should just give up (however, whenever I went for an appointment and was weighed by the nurse she would constantly tell me I was getting fatter).
  • Early 2003: Weight 285 lbs  Started a diet I created by strictly counting calories (800 – 900 calories a day or less when possible) and moderate exercise 3 times a week. Physically I had been feeling tottally exhausted and ravenously hungryalmost constantly for the past couple years, but determined to lose the weight no matter what I had to do.
  • Jan. 2005: Weight fluctuated between 180 – 190 lbs for a few months; I went to a nutritionist, she approved of my diet of 800 – 900 calories but wanted me to add a little fat (equivalent of .5 per meal or the amount in 1 egg). Kept trying, but gained back a few pounds and had to starve for weeks to lose it. Goal: 135 lbs.
  • By Mid-2005: Weight 250+ lbs Took a break from dieting for about three months, gained back over 70 lbs – gave up, continued to gain.
  • March 2006: Weight 290+ lbs  New doctor – she retested me and I was told I did NOT have hypothyrodism (never did), set new goal weight that was healthier for me, taken off medication (felt a LOT better within the first week), had my diet plan approved by doctor (800 – 900 calories daily, light exercise 3 times a week increase over time). Discussed possibility of gastric bypass surgery. She was willing to work with me and help me lose weight, but wanted to address other health concerns first.
  • April 2006: Weight 310 lbs  Scale used: doctor type scale in ladies room at work, afternoon, fully dressed. I always said I’d just jump off a bridge if I ever went over 300 lbs. Well that day arrived; luckily no bridges were close by.
  • May 1, 2006 started Diet Pulpit blog. Reweighed myself day one of healthy eating plan for the “official” start weight: 293.5.
  • Week 90 weight 206; following week started to regain weight.
  • Jan.31, 2009 Week 140 – reached 308  lbs (my highest weight).
  • Feb. 23, 2009 Appointment with weight loss surgery consultant – office weight 308 lbs, doctor set new goal: 140 lbs.
  • Mar. 1, 2009 started over, restarted journal week 1: weight 306.5 lbs.
  • Aug. 3, 2009 two days before gastric bypass surgery doctor’s office weighin 253 lbs – total lost pre-op 55 lbs
  • Dec. 18, 2010 Week 93 weighin doctor’s office 138 lbs (reached weight the doctor had set as my goal 140 lbs)
  • Jan. 1, 2011 Week 95 weighin home scale reached my goal: 135 lbs (total released 173 lbs)
  • Oct. 30, 2011 (56th Birthday): 133 lbs – staying healthy and strong

Over the last two years of regaining my health it was not just dietary changes that helped me reaached my goal. Also it is not the number on the scale that makes me healthy. I also chose to eat healthy foods that nourish my body, to move and breathe deeply, and to create a happy and relaxed environment for myself and my family so that we can better handle the every day stresses that occur in life.

I practice qi gong healing, meditation, and journaling (inner self work to deal with emotional issues and continue to build healthier habits and positive coping methods). I make my health my top priority and make choices every day that help me create an over healthy lifestyle.

Later this week I’ll post my best weight loss tips.

What health goals are you working on?  How do you handle challenges?  What health successes have your achieved?  I love sharing and learning, so feel free to leave a comment or link to a post you wrote.

Wishing every one health and happiness, Lady Rose

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Nov 052011

ToSeeTheWorldquote 275x300 Simplify Your Life

Keep It Simple – This is a reminder I need all the time.  One of my major goals that I have in the months and years ahead is to declutter my house.  After losing 172 lbs and reaching my goal weight of 135 lbs Jan. 2011, I am feeling strong enough and pain free enough to start tackling the huge task of sorting, cleaning and organing every room in my house.  I blogged about my journey to “declutter” my body of unneeded pounds at my blog Diet Pulpit (weight loss summary – May 1, 2006 to Jan. 1, 2001), it was a bumpy road with lots of ups and downs.  Here at Blissful Moon I will  blogging about the my adventures of my “end the clutter project.”  Feel free to share your tips and ideas, your successes and frustrations.  I look forward to sharing the journey to a more simple, relaxed, and enriching lifestyle.

A house is not the only thing that gets cluttered.  It is all to easy to for life in general to get cluttered with stress, negative emotions, complications, etc. that all drain and waste our time and energy.

Here are some suggestions and a gentle reminder to simplify your life, your rituals, your every day and connect to what is really important.

  • Nurture your energy and the flame within and it will be available to you when challenges arise unexpectedly or when you choose to challenge yourself to achieve something wonderful.
  • Take a small step each day to uncomplicate your life.
  • Toss out things you don’t need (or donate it to someone who does). Strive to own little, but enjoy more.
  • Keep a notepad handy to jot down things you want to remember so you can unclutter your mind.
  • Take a few minutes throughout the day to be “still” and just breathe, to focus entirely on being quiet and connect with your inner wisdom.
  • Evalaute your surroundings and find ways to bring joy and simple comforts to your every day – for example, if you enjoy coffee in the morning treat yourself to a good cup every morning, sip it slowly and truly taste it. By creating an oasis of simple moments of pleasure throughout the day, the outer chaos won’t seem as intrusive.

Homemade Simple (website) – ideas to help make your life more enjoyable, ways to simplify, organize, beautify, and inspire your life and keep it simple. They also offer a free newsletter.

Keep it simple, so your spirit can shine through. You will be glad you did.

Bright blessings, Lady Rose

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Photo: this is a photo of flowers at Fernbrook farm where we have our farm share

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