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MyDrum 1 Chosen by A Healing Drum

No two wands are ever the same. The wand chooses the wizard…it’s not always clear why.  These connections are complex. The wand learns from the wizard; and than the wizard learns from the wand.”   ~Ollivander (from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Ollivander’s Shopkeeper at Universal Studies).

This past Friday, I felt a little like Harry Potter in Ollivaner’s wand shop, as I held and played several wonderful drums until one chose me.  My healing drum (pictured above) is 18″ Pine and Elk. It is being painted with the design I brought with me so it will be a couple weeks before I can bring it home.  I aslo bought a stand for it so will have the option to play it hands-free.  My dear friend, Joan Bright (Resounding Reiki) came along and introduced me to her frined Cat Corley (Reiki Drumbeat) who makes these amazing healing drums.  Afterwards Joan and I went to lunch and spent the afternoon talking and talking, until it was to go to the Banana Factory for a big gallery event where her friend Stephanie Smith just opened her studio about a week ago.  It was an awesome fun filled day.  I’ll be posting about the art gallery and the art piece that also “chose me” tomorrow.

There were many drums to chose from.  I tried almost every single drum there, but kept coming back to the drum pictured above.  I had my pendulum with me and tried it over several others that I was drawn to because of how they looked or what I thought my preference was for a particular wood,  but the only drum in the room that the pendulum spun over was this one.  I don’t base decisions solely on the pendulum, but will sometimes use it to help break a tie or to confirm my intuition, especially in situations like this where there are so many choices and so much wonderful energy that all the options can be a bit distracting.

Here is a sampling of all the wonderful drums

DrumCollection Chosen by A Healing Drum

Symbology of the drum materials:
Pine: Drives away all harm, both to the home and family and especially to newborn infants.  Symbolizes immortality and represents earth.  Used for purification, health, fortune, fertility, and prosperity.   An evergreen, it’s old name was “the sweetest of woods.” External symbol of strength, life, rejuventation, and immortality. It is one of the few trees that are androgynous. It was also worshiped by the ancients as a symbol of fire because of its resemblance to a spiral of flame. It is regarded as a very soothing tree to be near.

Elk Hide gives a deeper resonance than Deer Hide. Elk is associated with stamina and endurance, it is also a powerful healing medicine for survivors of abuse and addiction.

Bright Blessings, Lady Rose

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Nov 302011

 QuartzCrystal1 Crystals   December Cauldron Chat

December Caldron Chat Topic: CRYSTALS – Do you use crystals for spells, rituals, around the house, or in other ways?   What is your favorite crystal and-or semi precious stones?  What experiences have you had with crystals?

Welcome and Join In the first Cauldron Chat – a new feature here at Blissful Moon: a monthly topic for discussion that everyone is invited to join in – either by leavig a comment, or a link to a post about the topic (and I’ll add the link to the post).  Feel free to grab the button from the side bar. 

My favorite crystal is Amethyst – it is purple and that is my favorite color.  But besides the color, it is the stone I am most drawn too and just “feels” right for me.   I also like the combination – amethyst, smoky quartz, and moonstone; and of course amber and jet is a favorite too (I have one necklace made from amber and jet beads that I cherish).

I use crystals for healing work, meditation and all around the house.  I have several spheres, eggs, heart shaped stones and clusters of various stones and crystals in various rooms throughout the house (too many to list).  I recently acquired a lovely “record keeper” crystal and I’m looking forward to exploring and learning more about this crystal.  I am also in the process of gathering the crystals needed for a House Blessing With Crystals ritual that I am planning in the near future.

Most of time I find that I pick out a stone or crystal by my intuition (does the stone “call to me” or how does it “feel”), if I do acquire it then I look up the symbology and what the various uses are.  I always find the information interesting and useful, and is especially helpful when selecting a stone as a gift for someone else or when trying to decide which stones for a medicine bag or healing amulet bag.    For me I think the “magic” in the stones and crystals are how they “speak” to the individual that chose it.  I have a few large, expensive pieces, but I don’t think size or cost is a factor for how magical or powerful a stone is.  Simple, untumbled crystals are wonderful too.   Plain river rocks or stones found on the beach or in the forest can also be very powerful allies for strength, grounding and protection. 

I love learning about crystals and stones.  I invite you to share your experiences, knowledge, questions about crystals and stones.

Bright Blessings, Lady Rose

Nov 172011

NoHurryNoWorry1 300x225 13 Tips To Improve Overall Health

Last Thursday 13 I listed my top 13 Weight Loss Tips. To fully answer the question “how did I lose 173 lbs” I need to include other changes I made to help create an overall healthier lifestyle.  My weight loss was not just because of the food I ate and I wasn’t losing weight to fit into a smaller size pair of jeans – I lost the weight because I wanted to regain my health and reduce or eliminate the daily pain I was in.  I wanted more energy and to have a quality life physically, emotionally and mentally.  My journey to lose 173 lbs and reach my goal of a healthy weight (135 lbs) included making a lot of changes to improve my overall health. I didn’t do these changes all at once – but gradually, making one or two changes at a time.  Here are some of the changes I made to help create a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Drink more water, most of us are suffering from dehydration and are not even aware it.  Cut out the soda and sugary beverages, reduce the caffeine (herbal tea is a nice substitute)
  2. Rest – stop fretting about sleep, when you can’t sleep meditate, relax and just breath.  A few hours of meditation are more restorative to your body than a few hours of fitful sleep.  Yes sleep is important – but worrying about it only makes it harder to actually get to sleep.
  3. Add more fresh, whole foods to your meals – pick one meal to improve, than another, than another, make changes gradually and find healthy substitutes for overly processed favorites (i.e. a baked sweet potato instead of potato chips)
  4. Eat more veggies (especially dark greens) – one way to do this is to add lots of veggies to soups and sauces
  5. Take a quality multi-vitamin – our soil is depleted and our foods are less nutritous, so even when eating healthy it is harder to get all the vitamins and minerals our bodies need
  6. Add more fish or other source of Omega 3 to your diet
  7. Cut back on meat gradually, goal is to use meat more like a condiment rather than as a the bulk of the meal (and when you do eat meat select organic whenever possible), have a meatless meal several times a week and when you do use meat have it be the “side dish” not the featured item on the plate.
  8. Add more raw food to your daily menu, an easy way to do this is green smoothies –  I use a good blender (I use a Blendtec 13 Tips To Improve Overall Health; a Vitamix 13 Tips To Improve Overall Health is also very good) to blend fruit and dark green veggies together (and it is delicious!). Two books that are very helpful and got me started with Green Smoothies: Victoria Boutenko’s  Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Towards Natural Health 13 Tips To Improve Overall Healthand Green for Life 13 Tips To Improve Overall Health.
  9. Switch to more natural cleaners, and use less chemicals in the home
  10. Forgive yourself and others, let go of past hurts and anger
  11. Smile and hug more, reach out to others
  12. Gratitude and respect, cultivate a positive attitude about life, the earth, and others
  13. Learn more about herbs and their nutritional value (for cooking and natural remedies) – using herbs doesn’t have to be complicated and there are dozens of ways to use the herbs that are already in your kitchen. Below is a link to a FREE herbal course.

125x125 sh 13 Tips To Improve Overall Health

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Thurs. 13 #3

Note: The photo is one I took at the farm where we have a farm share.

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Nov 132011

Transforming Pain 300x223 Transforming Pain
“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.”
~ Khalil Gibran

As we walk along our spiritual path we often stumble and fall or run smack into brick walls or fall off cliffs, we may even feel as if our very being is shattering into a million tiny pieces leaving us empty, broken, useless, and lost. At those times we have a choice – we can yell at the gods for abandoning us, we can crawl inside a hard shell and lock out the rest of the world, we can stay put in a our puddle of tears and pain, or we can chose to learn and grow and take a risk of transforming the pain into something new, whole, vibrant, and healing.

What struggles have you transformed? What has helped you cope with a stressful situation?

I’ve been through many major traumas and periods of chaos in my life. I know how difficult it is to keep balanced and positive when all the energy is being sucked out of you just to get through the day and put one foot in front of the other. These are the times to reach out for help from friends, family or even public services; to make the time to nurture yourself no matter what, and to remember to connect with the earth and the sky above and draw strength from the universe, ancestors, old ones, guardian angels and other positive forces of nature.

I’m not perfect at it trust me, but I am learning and each time I face a challenging situation I manage a little bit better each time I learn and grown a little bit more. In my younger days the whole idea of “positive thinking” just made me angry (“no amount of positive thinking was going to fix my life” was my belief), and people who smiled all the time were annoying (how could any one be that happy! was the response in my head). Fortunately I’ve grown in wisdom a bit over the last 50+ years and I now see the value of positive thinking and smiling really can cure a whole lot of things and makes the day go by much more pleasantly even in the worst of times.

Learning and practicing coping skills and healing techniques is very beneficial for learning how to weather the storms. Cultivating positive habits and thoughts that reinforce the connection to spirit and love in order to stay connected even in the darkest of times. Here are some examples of some of the practices that helped me to develop the inner resources needed to transform pain into healing: a daily practice of meditation (even just 10 to 15 minutes a day), keeping a journal of inspiration, maintaining a sacred space in my home to connect with the divine, learning relaxation and breathing techniques (qi gong) for reducing stress and healing.

Over the years I’ve survived and transformed from being a victim of childhood abuse, rape, cancer, extreme poverty and much more. It wasn’t easy and I don’t sugar-coat the experiences, but I have come out the other side of the dark tunnel of these experiences whole in body-mind-spirit, happy and loving, and dedicated my life to healing and living as a wise woman. It took a lot of hard soul searching and inner self work on my part. And I also allowed myself to accept the love and support of family and friends, and the inspiration and guidance of teachers who came into my life at different times in my life.

I invite you to share your ideas on transforming pain into healing, either in comments or if you wish to write a blog post about it please leave a link.

Namaste, Lady Rose

Note: photo from an anonymous facebook post, I added the quote.

pixel Transforming Pain