Oct 272011

Ghost Story 300x166 Ghostly Encounters

My first encounter with a ghost was in 1968 when I was a teenager.  Years later, another haunting experience I had was a in house I lived in about 25 years ago. It was located in a medium size city, and was in a neighborhood the city was considering making historic, so it was pretty old. I had rented two spare bedrooms to college students and they were always hearing footsteps above in the attic. I’m a very sound sleeper so I didn’t hear the footsteps that often – but occassionally I did too. No one was bothered too much by it, unless the footsteps started coming down the attic stairs. Usually who ever heard the footsteps on the steps would immeidately run downstairs (myself included) and some times out to the front porch until the footsteps stopped.

My sister stayed with me for awhile in one of the bedrooms in this house.  One night she started yelling for me. As I said I am a sound sleeper – so it took awhile for me to get semi-conscious. I yelled back, “what? go to sleep!” She yelled louder, “NO WAY GET IN HERE NOW!” So I stumbled down the hallway and she was sitting up in bed with the lights on — and the clothes in the closet were swinging back and forth as if there was a strong breeze in room (but no window was open and there was no breeze). I wasn’t half asleep any more that is for sure. I told her to get out of bed and come with me; we sorta backed out of the bedroom and closed the door behind us and crawled under the covers in my room and sat there huddled together watching my bedroom door hoping what ever it was in the closet wasn’t going to come down the hall into my room too. (We were all such chickens back then hehehe)

Another night I was sound asleep, my bedroom door was open and small night light was on in the hallway. I rolled over, shifted a bit, and opened my eyes the tinest bit — and there was large shadow next to my bed, at first I just said “go away,” and almost fell back to sleep (I really hate being woken up) — but as I layed there it slowly dawned on me — there shouldn’t be a large human figured shaped shadow standing next to my bed. I peeked just the tiniest bit and sure enough it was still there. I closed my eyes really tight and ducked under the covers (after all covers are magical and can protect us from anything right ???? hehehe). I laid very very still figuring if it thought I was asleep it would just go away.

I’ve had a few other ghostly experiences but nothing in the last years.  Another time I’ll post about some of those other personal experiences with ghosts and entities.  Please feel free to share your ghost stories in comments (or if you have a blog post up about a ghost story, leave the link) – I’d love to hear about your ghostly encounters.

Happy Hauntings, Lady Rose

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Oct 202011

Ghost Story 300x166 My First Ghost Encounter

It’s that time of year to share ghost stories, this is the tale of my first encounter with a ghostly entity.  (Feel free to share your stories in the comments, or if you prefer leave a link to a blog post about your ghostly encounter(s).)

My first encounter with a ghost was when I was 13 years old (1968). I was living at a catholic boarding school. A bunch of us were in the recreation room watching tv (not a horror movie). Something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye, and I turned to see the image of a nun (transparent and floating) slowly coming out of the closet (through the door that was closed) and starting to cross the room. As I was staring at it, the rest of the girls started screaming and running downstairs. A few moments later I realized I was alone, and got my wits together and ran downstairs too. Everyone was telling the same details of what they had seen – that out of the closet came a transparant, floating nun, middle age, slowly crossing the room.  This type of haunting was most likely the “imprinted energy” kind, a “spirit” that will continue to do the same thing over and over, unaware of the living or the surroundings.

There were other various “sightings” of different odd things from others over the next three years I was at the school, like a ghostly hand coming up from behind a headboard and leaving an imprint on the pillow when it slammed down. However, there was only two other “sighting” that I had first hand experience with.

A small group of us were walking at night down the long, winding road that led down the hill that school was on top of. About half way, we all noticed a man on a horse up in the trees. However, there was no path there, there was no sound, and he and the horse were completely transparent and whitish. We ran really fast back to the dormitories. Afterwards, we did a little investigating about the history of the school and found out that the man who had owned the property (and left it to the church) had kept horses and eventually we did find a run down old stable back in the woods.

The other experience was odd, but not sure I can say it was a “ghost.” It was during another walk down the same hill, only this time it was on the back road. It was a very foggy night, and the mist hung in branches of the trees but the road itself was clear.  As we walked, there appeared a patch of fog in the middle of the road. We continued to walk, but the fog seemed to move closer towards us. We stopped, turned and started walking back up the road. The cloud of fog got a bit larger and seemed to sway from side to side along with us as we zig zagged up the road to see what the fog would do. As we walked faster, it seemed to get faster and closer, until we were definitely sure it was thicker and larger then it was when we first saw it and was definitely showing signs of “following” us. We decided running was the best thing to do.

I always wanted to go back to the school and do some real ghost hunting.  Next week I’ll share another ghost story that happened in a house I lived in about 30 years ago.

Do you believe in ghosts?  Have you ever seen or communicated with one or more?  Please feel free to share your stories of ghostly encounters in comments, I’d love to hear about them.

Bright blessings, Lady Rose

Update:  This I have to get this for my Ipod!  Ghost Radar® (by Spud Pickles) is a portable application designed to detect paranormal activity for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPads.  There is also Ghost Hunter (EMF, EVP, SCAN) – ‘All in One Ghost Hunter’  detects EMFs, has a scanner, spirit board, and captures EVPs

I enjoy the show Ghost Hunters (TAPS) on the Sy Fy channel, they have a book out about some of their experiences: Ghost Hunting: True Stories of Unexplained Phenomena from The Atlantic Paranormal Society My First Ghost Encounter.

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