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MyDrum 1 Chosen by A Healing Drum

No two wands are ever the same. The wand chooses the wizard…it’s not always clear why.  These connections are complex. The wand learns from the wizard; and than the wizard learns from the wand.”   ~Ollivander (from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Ollivander’s Shopkeeper at Universal Studies).

This past Friday, I felt a little like Harry Potter in Ollivaner’s wand shop, as I held and played several wonderful drums until one chose me.  My healing drum (pictured above) is 18″ Pine and Elk. It is being painted with the design I brought with me so it will be a couple weeks before I can bring it home.  I aslo bought a stand for it so will have the option to play it hands-free.  My dear friend, Joan Bright (Resounding Reiki) came along and introduced me to her frined Cat Corley (Reiki Drumbeat) who makes these amazing healing drums.  Afterwards Joan and I went to lunch and spent the afternoon talking and talking, until it was to go to the Banana Factory for a big gallery event where her friend Stephanie Smith just opened her studio about a week ago.  It was an awesome fun filled day.  I’ll be posting about the art gallery and the art piece that also “chose me” tomorrow.

There were many drums to chose from.  I tried almost every single drum there, but kept coming back to the drum pictured above.  I had my pendulum with me and tried it over several others that I was drawn to because of how they looked or what I thought my preference was for a particular wood,  but the only drum in the room that the pendulum spun over was this one.  I don’t base decisions solely on the pendulum, but will sometimes use it to help break a tie or to confirm my intuition, especially in situations like this where there are so many choices and so much wonderful energy that all the options can be a bit distracting.

Here is a sampling of all the wonderful drums

DrumCollection Chosen by A Healing Drum

Symbology of the drum materials:
Pine: Drives away all harm, both to the home and family and especially to newborn infants.  Symbolizes immortality and represents earth.  Used for purification, health, fortune, fertility, and prosperity.   An evergreen, it’s old name was “the sweetest of woods.” External symbol of strength, life, rejuventation, and immortality. It is one of the few trees that are androgynous. It was also worshiped by the ancients as a symbol of fire because of its resemblance to a spiral of flame. It is regarded as a very soothing tree to be near.

Elk Hide gives a deeper resonance than Deer Hide. Elk is associated with stamina and endurance, it is also a powerful healing medicine for survivors of abuse and addiction.

Bright Blessings, Lady Rose

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pixel Chosen by A Healing Drum