Nov 152011

TableTipping 300x168 Table Tipping

One of the workshops I attended at the Be Thankful Circle of Trees Retreat (Nov. 11-13, 2011) was Table Tipping.  It was definitely a very interesting experience.  The workshop leader has many years of experience and it is something that was passed down in her family through the generations.  There were two ordinary card tables set up in the room.  The room was prepared with protection and calling in only positive spirits.  After a brief demonstration, everyone was given the opportunity to sit and ask a couple of questions.  At the second card table, everyone who wanted the opportunity to “raise” the table themselves could take a turn and ask a few questions each.  To raise the table, those sitting around it placed their palms lightly on the surface of the table and chanted “rise table rise” and the table rose up on two of the legs, if the table didn’t move the answer was no, for yes the table would bang down and bounce back up.  At the table I was seated at one of the women asked a question that included asking “in how many months would what she was asking about happen” and the table bounced 30 times – we literally had to get up from our chairs and follow the table in order to keep our palms resting on it as it rose up on two legs, banged down and then up again 30 times.


Historical Background Info.: Table tipping was very popular in the late 1800s (the same time period when seances were also very popular) and was a common parlour form of entertainment. It is done with a small group of people putting their hands lightly on a table and asking it questions. The table moves, usually in a rocking (“tipping”) motion or tapping up and down. The questions are usually simple ones that can be answered yes or no, yes being one tip, no being two (or tapping once for yes and no movement or tapping for no – however you want to set it up for answers to be conveyed). It is believed that the energy of the spirits (newly departed, angels, or spirits are invited to participate) moves the table.

It is similar to using a Ouija or spirit board. Some of the tables used did have letters painted on them and the table would tip in the direction of a letter to spell something out. Spelling out an answer though could take awhile, and take more time than texting a message on a cell phone. Counting out an answer is a little more complicated than a straight yes or no, but quicker than spelling out message – for example how many years or months will something happen.


What is it that makes the table move – the newly departed, other helpful spirits, collective energy of those gathered around the table?  I don’t know for sure, but I know that “spirit” and “energy” are real and can do amazing things.

Just a few things I think are important to keep in mind when trying any form of divination.  Why would a spirit be more psychic then you or I? If they do have a clearer view of future possibilities, remember the future is fluid and changes constantly based on our choices and actions – we create our future as we live each moment of our lives.  Peering into the future gives a glimpse of what is the most likely outcome based on what is happening now, it can be changed, nothing is written stone.  Take all advice and answers with a large grain of salt, and use your own judgement, inner wisdom, and common sense to plan your future.  It is unfortunate that there are those out there who “fake” being able to do things like table tipping and other forms of communcating with spirits in order to take advantage of people.  However, there are legitimate practitioners out there of many alternative forms of energy work and spirit work, just use your common sense and your own intution to guide you when seeking out someone to study with or participate in any kind of psychic or energy work.

Please, do not dabble in these kind of activites lightly – it is best to learn how from someone with experience. At the very least you should know how to work with energy, ground, center, and protect yourself from unwanted energy and-or entities.

Explore and be open to the possibilities of Spirit, Lady Rose

Note: Any questions feel free to contact Linda Farmer (who gave the workshop on Table Tipping at the retreat) – she is the lovely dark haired lady with the purple jacket in the photo below.

TableTipping 3 300x168 Table Tipping


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Oct 292011

AskAWitch 300x168 Communicating From Beyond The Veil

Question: Do you believe spirits can communicate with the living and if so, have you talked with a ghost?

I was asked this question a long time ago, with Hallowmas right around the corner I thought it would be appropriate to answer it here on the blog.

I do not communicate with the dead on a regualar basis, but I have had a few experiences over the years where I do believe that I have received messages.  One of the most vivid messages I received was from my father-in-law.

My father-in-law was in the hospital.  My husband and I got woken early one morning by a phone call from a member of his family telling him to get to the hospital as soon as possible.  I asked him if he wanted me to come with him, but he said no he would call me once he got there.  We were only about 10 minutes away from the hospital so he felt if I needed to be there it wouldn’t take me that long to get there but if I didn’t he wanted me get a bit more sleep.  I didn’t expect to be able to fall back asleep but decided to rest and got back under covers, making sure the phone was close by.  After few minutes, as I left myself relax and tried to get a bit more rest, I “knew” my father-in-law had passed.  A few minutes passed and I “sensed” a message in my mind, “tell him I’m sorry, I was just so tired, I had leave, tell him I’m sorry” and with the message was also a strong feeling of love.  A few minutes later my husband called to tell me his father had passed away before he gotten to hospital.  I waited a week or so to relay the message that his dad loved him very much and knew that he loved him too, and there was no reason to feel bad about not getting to hospital before he passed.  He had already “felt” in a way it but it was a comfort to hear it and have it confirmed.

I believe any thing is possible, but there are few things that I believe 100% in. I tend to be a “prove it” type of person, and prefer to experience something for myself and\or have a bit of scientific proof too. I do believe that the human spirit continues to exist after death. I have had to many personal experiences as well as seen too much evidence, that I do believe that the human spirit continues to exist even after the physical vessel is no longer functional.

In what form a spirit continues to exist on the other side, I don’t know. I tend to agree with most of the other theories out there, (most of what people call “ghosts” or hauntings are just memory\energy imprints and when seen or heard is like a rerun of a film clip; very rarely there might a spirit or entity that can communicate and interact with the physical world and seem to have retained their “personality” from their physical life. Can spirits communicate with the living? I don’t know absolutely for sure, but I am  99.9% sure that they can communicate with the living, but it depends on the spirit and the living person, and often the connection the two may have had in life – if there was a close relationship and the living person is open to it then yes I think messages can be communicated.  I think our loved ones who have passed over sometimes stay to watch over us or at least pop in from time to time, and can communicate through dreams and other subtle ways

From the various experiences I’ve had throughout my life, as well as my interest in various other spiritual and psychic subjects, I have always wanted to go ghost hunting. Not seances, or channeling, or psychics — but real ghost hunting with equipment and like-minded skeptical people. I do believe that there are some people who can communicate with spirits, some who are psychic and can channel — I can respect their work and their messages from beyond, however, no matter how convincing, sincere, or even truly gifted a person is in this matter — it still can not be taken as “evidence.” I have had many experiences with dreams, meditations, and other psychic work that has been very accurate and rewarding. However, even though I may have experienced something myself or seen someone else experiencing it, it is still subjective, and can not be duplicated or shared with someone else other then to relay the information, but the experience itself is still a personal one.

The Ghost Hunters tv show and TAPS website satisfy my urge to investigate the paranormal in a scientific manner, from the comfort of my living room, without spending long hours up all night recording, followed by even longer hours of reviewing hours of footage on audio and visual tape. Perhaps some day when I retire I’ll be able to find a group of professional ghost hunters near me and finally have the time to experience a ghost hunt first hand and learn more about it.

Until then, I’ll watch Ghost Hunters and continue to keep an eye out for the ghost(s) or entity, fairy, or prankster that moves the statue of Isis I have in the curio cabinet and who keeps taking things from time to time – though when I put my foot down and ask for something back it usually returns it within a day or two (more about that another time).

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