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Index of Blissful Moon Resources and Topics of Interest

Blog topics are grouped and listed below for easier navigation and to help you find what you might be looking for (as the blog grows and information is posted I will add links to relevant tags, categories, posts, and pages) – a listing without a link is a sneak peak of what is planned for future topics and posts.

ASK A WITCH (about) – ask me anything or make a suggestion for a topic or discussion

BLOG GRAPHICS (free) – free blog badges, buttons, and banners with a pagan, wiccan, nature theme, created by Lady Rose (if you use one a link back is always appreciated)

BOOK LISTS – recommended books

BOOK OF SHADOWS (page, will full listing of chants, spells, etc.)

CAULDRON CHAT (about) – Monthly topic or discussion question, join in and add your own (cauldron chat blog badges)

COLORING PAGES – free, from around the web

FAMILY VIDEO – Angelgirl, our daughter,  a journey to China and back, Oct. 1996 (how we became a family

HARRY POTTER BIRTHDAY PARTY – Angelgirl’s 11th birthday May 2007, best birthday party ever!

  • Invitation
  • Decorations
  • Welcome to Hogwarts and Entrance
  • Sorting Hat and House Points
  • Diagon Alley
  • Honeydukes
  • Three Broomsticks Inn
  • Hogwarts Feast and Cake
  • The Daily Prophet
  • Hogwarts Classes
  • Wizard Tournament, Games and Prizes
  • Hogwarts Museum
  • Highlights



  • The Infinite Light
  • The Early Morning, I Listened
  • The Goddess Smiled Today
  • Dances With Life
  • Reclaiming My Power
  • To My Sisters (to thank the wonderful women of Womongathering, sung by Mama Kelly)
  • Witch – A Poem


  • Tarot Museum & Collection Project (list of 100+ decks in collection so far).
  • Tips for Collecting Tarot.
  • Tarot Resources – collection of various Tarot related links
  • To Read Or Not To Read.
  • Choosing A Tarot Deck.
  • Storage and Care of Your Tarot.
  • Ways To Work With The Tarot.
  • Connecting With Your Tarot Deck.
  • Guidelines for Tarot Reading.
  • Tarot Ethics.
  • Choosing a Tarot Spread.

Tarot Categories (tags):

  • Tarot Basics – how to’s, spreads, etc. (see list above for specific lesson topics)
  • Tarot Collection – reviews of tarot deck, photos and videos, from Lady Rose’s personal collection
  • Tarot Diary – personal readings and experiences with tarot
  • Tarot Trivia – everything else (tarot items, crafts, quizes, quotes, etc.)

WEDDING (Sept. 1, 1991) – videos of Lady Rose & Teacherman’s wedding (live stage performances)

  • Opening and Welcome
  • The Band
  • The Proposal – skit 1
  • Reading 1
  • Marriage – skit 2
  • Jazz
  • Reading 2
  • The Rose (solo)
  • Ceremony
  • Reception Montage

WITCH-CRAFTED – various arts and crafts projects

  • Angelgirl’s Crocheted Hat Free Pattern
  • more to be added

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