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HowToWeighYourself 222x300 Top 13 Weight Loss Tips

I’m often asked “How did I lose 173 lbs?” To answer that question here are my top 13 weight loss tips that I used to successfully reach my goal.

My Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

  1. Keep a food journal (daily record of food intake, exercise, weekly weighins)
  2. Eat fresh, whole foods as often as possible
  3. Limit sugar and unhealthy fats (eliminate them if you can or keep to a minimum)
  4. Give up the diet soda (this was a tough one for me) or at least limit it to one or two a day (switch to tea, it is much better for you and doesn’t have the harmful affects on your body that soda does)
  5. Set up guidelines and rules that work for you (for example: my rule is 3 small meals a day and to not eat at any other time, this works for me, but may not be workable for others)
  6. Sticking to my motto: Don’t be a fool, eat for fuel (eating for nourishment, not as a means to cope with anger, depression, etc.)
  7. Eat slowly, chew well, appreciate and really taste the food
  8. Get enough sleep (if you can’t sleep, than meditation which refreshes the mind and body)
  9. Eat ONLY when hungry and stop before feeling stuffed – often the body “feels” hungry, but is really in need of water, nutrients or rest, since these are often ignored the body has learned to send out hunger signals instead. Also eating junk food fills the stomach but does not nourish the body, so even though the stomach is full the body keeps signaling it needs more.
  10. Find nonfood ways to reward and comfort yourself, for example: take up a hobby to cope with boredoom, phone a friend when feeling sad, go for a walk when feeling angry
  11. Always be prepared ahead of time when traveling or attending a social event – carry something with you or keep emergency rations in your desk at work if you forget your lunch (for example: protein bar, 100 calorie pack of almonds, packet of instant oatmeal).  Don’t let yourself get so hungry you over indulge or grab something out of the snack machine.
  12. Be gentle with yourself – setting health as a top priority every single day and being loving and kind to yourself
  13. Don’t give up – take one day at a time, plateaus happen, set backs happen – but one step at a time, one meal at a time, one day at time becomes a week, a month, a year and in time any goal can be reached.

Health and Happiness, Lady Rose

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  36 Responses to “Top 13 Weight Loss Tips”

  1. #7 is an EXCELLENT tip… and once people actually start paying attention to the flavor and texture of their food instead of just shoveling it in, their tastes generally change to want to eat healthier foods. Fast food and processed junk really does not taste good at all, if you really pay attention.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for stopping by – and you are right – fast food does taste icky once you slow down, reading the labels of packaged foods and seeing all the chemicals in it that lessens the enjoyment too. It takes about 4 to 6 six weeks for our tastes buds to change – eating more fresh and healthy food you do develop a taste for it and it tastes soooo much better then overly processed foods

  2. Truly inspirational – and just what I need to see at this time of year, which is sooo full of temptation!

    Happy (belated) TT!

  3. Thank you for sharing your tips Lady Rose! I think my biggest problems are (1) I try to limit myself too much and get bored; I like a variety when it comes to food and hate cooking LOL My Doc wanted me on a low carb, low fat, no red meat and no dairy diet; if I can stick to it, it works great but I get bored with the limitations (2) I hate exercise and I’m lazy… I admit it, and (3) I’m addicted to sugar… I can go without for awhile, but eventually go back :(

    • You could try a variety of spices to mix things a bit – even low fat sauces and low fat gravies to add a variety of flavors (like whipping up fresh veggies in the blender with spieces to make a gravy). Try not to think of it as limitations – but think of the possibilites that open up when you have more energy and better health when you lose weight. I totally hate exercise too – that is why I love qi gong – no impact, no pain (tai chi works too) – I also have a stationary bike in my living room, and use it while reading a book or watching tv – that way I don’t think about the bike but focus on doing something else.

      wishing you health and happiness

  4. Thanks for the tips. I’m so with you about the enough-sleep suggestion.

  5. I swear that I have every size in my closet. Good for you-that is so amazing!

    Have a great day!
    Harriet recently posted..13 Facts about Veteran’s DayMy Profile

    • For years I had all kinds of sizes – but I’m finally trusting myself to maintain this time – last year I got rid of all my 3x, 2x and 1x. I kept the ex large and larges for awhile longer – since I could get away with big tops – but eventually the pants were just falling off – I’d buy a few new things every once in awhile and finally have enough now in the size that fits well to cover two weeks at work and some sweat pants and casual clothes for the weekends so I’ve packed up the ex large and larges and donated them. Still have some boxes and closets to sort – but mostly just have the size I need now.

  6. I need to lose 50 and am struggling with the first 10. And look at you! Congratulations. Thank you for so generously sharing your tips for success.

  7. These are some great tips to losing weight and staying healthy. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Happy Thursday!

  8. great list! I keep my diet simple, workout as much as I could and less sodas…. and so far so good, coz it has been working.

  9. Very good advice. I list a lot of weight in the last years, but for me only working out made me get over the dead point where I just wouldn’t lose any more weight with only dieting.

  10. Great tips! I found that using the online tools with Weight Watchers, which is like a journal, works well for me as a diet journal. I also discovered that a serving of Triscuit is enough to keep me from getting hungry for a long time, and they are easy to carry in my car or purse. Chocolate is my downfall and I do better when I don’t have any in the house. At all.

    Your weight loss is impressive. I wish you good health. Blessed be!

  11. I fall down right from #1. I hate keeping the food journal. I don’t even like keeping track of calories on a scrap of paper. It’s enough to put me off my diet, but sadly not off my feed.

    • That’s why it’s good to make up guidelines that work for you – not everything works for everyone. I don’t need the food journal now – but I stick to my rule of 3 small meals a day. But when I was learning to recognize healthy portions, learning “true” hunger and not just craving a munchie, etc. the journal helped a lot – because I could see I just ate and it wasn’t time to eat yet and could keep track of any little “treats” I let slip in so I could make corrections later that day or through out the week.

  12. Some good tips. I cut out soda completely about twenty years ago and never miss it. The only exception is a little 7-Up if I have an upset stomach. Congrats on such a monumental weight loss!

    • Thank you. Good for you Heather! :) I’m hooked on diet flavored lipton white tea and diet snapple flavored teas, I try to keep it to one or 2 day – but no more soda.

  13. At last I’m here. Been clicking on some of your blog posts and reading them. That is such an accomplishment on your weight loss. I so relate with no. 6.

  14. All good tips. I think when we are well nourished with wholesome foods and enough protein, fats, and carbs we don’t crave empty calories much.

    • so true Colleen – the hard part is getting rid of the cravings, which only takes about a month or two of staying afway from sugar, salty foods, and other type of junk food.

  15. Thanks for sharing. I’ve always had a constant battle with my weight and have to get back on trying to be healthier.

  16. Congratulations on losing all that weight…WOW…you are an inspiration to others who are trying to do the same thing.
    I could do with losing a few pounds, so I have set a few goals of my own and so far so good. I’m pretty slow to lose weight as my metabolism is a bit sluggish due to illness this year, but it is getting better – I am mainly doing it to get healthy as I don’t want to be a sickly old lady!!!
    Thank you for sharing :o))

    • I swear I have NO metabolism so I can relate. Being diagnosed with rhumatoid arthritis at age 2 – I spent my childhood in the hospital and told I’d never walk, on top of the pain and swelling well into my young adult life I have no history of any time of exercise per se. And various illnesses later in life and pain issues also made it difficult to exercise and have any metabolism at all. I found that qi gong really helped me – it is slow, easy movements (no impact) and focus is on getting the “energy” (qi) moving, as well as clearing out old emotinal baggage – it promotes overall health, and can build up the immune system too.

      Best of luck on your journey to health Dark Wench – I know you can do it!

  17. Wonderful tips! #7 made the biggest difference for me. I think #11 trips people up more than anything.

    So glad to have found your blog!

    Happy T13,

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