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I propose  the term “crystal amplifier” (or “crystal engine”) as a way to refer to a larger stone used in the center of a grid.  The surrounding stones form a lattice for the current of energy.

Below are my thoughts on the topic and why for the Crystal Wisdom  classes I teach I have decided to adopt the above terminology.

“True” generators are defined by some book authors as such because of their shape.   A term that refers to the center stone selected for a grid seems to be better defined by its purpose and function (not shape) – it can be any stone that serves that purpose and is in no way inferior, and doesn’t have to cost a small fortune.  The center stone is the heart of the grid, its purpose being to intensify, add to, and focus the energy that is generated by all the surrounding stones in the grid.

For weeks now I’ve been thinking that there needs to be a good phrase or word to use for the center crystal chosen for a grid.  It is way to much of a mouthful to say “generator” then have to explain well I don’t mean a “true” generator (which is an all natural crystal with 6 equal sides all meeting at the apex)

I think that having to define a  “true” generator that way, when referring to the center stone of a grid, adds an unspoken layer to that definition – a “true” generator is way too expensive for most folks to even think owning one and makes most crystal lovers drool over the thought of having one, driving the cost up even more, and causing some folks to think that any thing less then a “true” generator is second best.  (Wbich of course is not true – the energy that empowers a grid comes from us, the crystals and stones are our allies and aide in ehancing, guiding, and focusing that energy and are in no way second best or inferior just because of it doesn’t meet the strick guidelines for a definition of a shape.  But when dealing with energy it is helpful to remove any thoughts or terms that could interfere with being positive and expanding.)

Just tossing the idea out there for consideration, feedback and suggestions welcome.

Definitions:   (source: thesaurus.com)
engine – a machine that converts potential energy into kinetic energy to provide motive force in order to work definition of amplify – increase, accelerate Synonyms:  boost, expand, extend, heighten, improve, intensify, magnify, multiply, strength
lattice – a structure of crossed…strips usually arranged to form a diagonal pattern of open spaces between the strips; also called Bravais lattice, crystal lattice, space lattice. Crystallography . an arrangement in space of isolated points (lattice points)  in a regular pattern, showing the positions of atoms, molecules, or ions in the structure of a crystal.

Excerpt from my Crystal Wisdom Part 2 class:

Crytal Grid –  Center stone: “crystal amplifier,”  a larger stone used in the center of a grid.  The center stone is the heart of the grid, its purpose being to intensify, add to, and focus the energy that is generated by all the surrounding stones (engines) in the grid.  The surrounding stones in a grid are the engines and form a lattice for the current of energy that they generate.  The surrounding stones are selected to be complimentary to the purpose of the grid.


pixel Crystal Grid Center Stone

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  1. Right on. I love the blog. I think the term amplifier crystal is perfect. I love the term engine given to surrounding crystals – both exactly described the dynamics of crystal grids. Another comment by someone was “synchronicity” which also is right on target describing the resulting energy dynamics. I say let your intuition guide you!

  2. Hey I am new to gridding and I am very eager to make my first grid. From what I understand the center stone or “generator” channels the energy flow of the surrounding crystals through itself. If that is true then I would call in a “Synergizing Stone”.

    Synergy -1. The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.
    2. Cooperative interaction among groups, especially among the acquired subsidiaries or merged parts of a corporation, that creates an enhanced combined effect.

  3. I LOVE this blog on the center stone of grids. The word ‘crystal amplifier’ and your description is wonderful. Thank you!
    Diana recently posted..That Was Cool – But Now I’m Mad!My Profile

  4. Hi Lady Rose, thank you for this post, it’s exactly what I needed to hear! I spent today looking sadly at generator crystals online, discovering that they’re way out of my budget. Then a few hours later while googling about tarot, your site popped up. I didn’t find the kind of information I’d been searching for, but I felt drawn to look at your blog posts. This was the first one I clicked on, and it’s perfect. Serendipity! Hoorray for my angels and guides. It’s so disempowering to tell ourselves things have to be done in a certain way. My grids will be hopefully be just as powerful with a crystal amplifier in the center, as they might be with a generator. Crystal blessings!

  5. I really like amplifier, accelerator, or even intensifier.

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