Dec 202011

KellySweaterDec2007 1 Mrs Weasley Sweater Christmas Gift

The Mrs Weasley Sweater is the best handmade gift I’ve ever made.  I enjoy crocheting and go through bursts of making a ton of items for a few months, than usually take a year or two off before getting the urge to crochet again.  It is always extra special when I can make something special for someone as a gift, especially when I know they will really and truly love it – and I knew this Mrs. Weasley sweater was going to be a a big hit with my best friend Mama Kelly (she is has big a Harry Potter fan as I am and Mrs. Weasley is her favorite character). 

Christmas 2007 Mama Kelly’s Mrs. Weasly Sweater – I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed making this sweater for my dear friend Mama Kelly and she looks awesome in it – it is so HER! I was even more thrilled that I managed to actually get it done in time to give it to her for Yule 2007 (since I didn’t even start it until the beginning of Dec.). I was thrilled I managed to get the sizing just about right (since my crochet projects prior to this had been much easier type patterns like blankets, ponchos, scarves, etc.).

I managed to find a box big enough to use to wrap the sweater in (a big American Girl box that we had), inside I also covered it with lots of tissue paper, and added on top of the tissue paper a printed out photo from the movie of Mrs. Weasley in the sweater that I added the message: Happy Yule from Mrs. Weasley!

It was so hard keeping the secret too. But I knew if I posted even a hint about making something special that Mama Kelly would some how guess, but I wanted her to be totally surprised so I managed to keep it a secret.  A lot of folks were almost as excited about the project as I was.  All the ladies I work with got to see it in progress and the finished sweater when I had it done.  They couldn’t wait to see photos of Mama Kelly wearing it. They were all keeping their fingers crossed for me that I would win the bid on the buttons (the auction on ebay was not an easy one to win and I almost lost them!) – everyone agreed they were the “perfect” buttons (though I did get a few other buttons on auction just as a backup in case I lost the bid).  Here are some closeups:


KellyJustButtonCropped2007 1 Mrs Weasley Sweater Christmas Gift

I started making the sweater Dec 16, 2007 finished it by Dec. 24, 2007 – except for the last rows of trim along the front where the buttons would go since I had to wait for the buttons to arrive to know how to place them and where to put the buttonholes. I won the button ebay auction a couple of days before Christmas, and they arrived Dec. 29 so I managed to get the whole thing completed by Dec. 30. The body of sweater took 9 balls of Vanna’s choice yarn (dusty rose), and for the arms I used 13 different colors (two different brands of soft yarns to get the color variety I wanted – Caron Simply Soft and Red Heart Soft Yarn).

I wish I had taken a picture of her stirring the big pot of yummy soup she was making while she was wearing the sweater – she really did look like she belonged in a magical home like The Burrow.

Do you make handmade gifts?   What is your favorite kind of gift to make?

Bright Blessings, Lady Rose

Note: Pattern Info.: “Coat of Many Colors,” from Crochet Cabin (cost $7).

Dec 132011

xmasornaments Witch Ball Decoration and Protection Spell

Here is a fun crafting idea that would make a nice gift, decoration for the house, and a fun project to do with kids – a witch ball.  Full of swirling colors, witch balls in one form or another were hung in the windows for at least 600 years to protect the home and the occupants from evil spirits, negative energy, and ill fortune. The ones dating back to medieval times were not as polished and beautiful as later ones from the Victorian era.  They were also suspeneded from a cord and hung from rafters or the mantelpiece, and can be as large as 7 inches in diameter. They were usually made from glass, but some were made from wood, grass, or twigs. Variations of the witch ball can be found in many cultures (witches were considered a blessing and would “enchant” the balls to enhance the protection against evils). The traditional colors were blue and green and usually hung in the eastern part of the house. They were also decorated with enameled swirls and bright strips of various colors.  According to folk tales, witch balls would entice evil spirits with their bright colors; the strands inside the ball would then capture the spirit and prevent it from escaping.  The term “witch ball” may actually come fom the term “watch ball” because the ball was watching and guarding the home.

eHow to Make Witch Balls – Materials: clear glass or plastic Christmas ornaments, bottles of liquid gold and silver metallic craft paints (and any colors you like), clear drying craft glue, ribbon or fishing line. Remove the wire loop at the top of the ornament. Squeeze a small amount of metallic paint (approx. 1 tsp. onto the interior sides of the ornament, then swirl the ornament so the paint creates a swirled pattern, allow to dry a few minutes and repeat with another color or two until the interior is covered.  Set upside down in an empty egg carton so the excess paint drains out, then set upright and allow the paint to dry overnight. Herbs can be placed inside the ornament that compliment your magical intent:  for example: a crushed cinnamon stick for protection, dried lavender for happiness, dried rose petals for luck.  You can also add a drop or two of essential oils to the dried herbs.  Then fill the ball with silver tree tinsel that has been cut into various lengths (the reflective silver tinsel and paint reflects bad energy back to the sender and the strands of tinsel entangle evil spirits.)  Replace the wire loops at the top of the ornament (add a drop of glue to keep it secure) and charge the ornament with your magical intent.  Add a long loop of fishing line or ribbon. Hang the ornament where you like (i.e. window, doorway, garden, rafters, mantel) or place on top of a tall vase (with an opening that is the right size to securely hold the ornament but it doesn’t fall inside the vase).

To read more see Witch Ball Legends.

Next year if we rent a house again down the shore for Thanksgiving with the whole family, I plan on bringing materials to make these with the kids.  Some where in the house I have a huge box full of clear, plastic ornaments that would be perfect to use.

Bright Blessings, Lady Rose

Nov 122011

Lian Hat 3 Angelgirl Crocheted Cap

A few years ago my best friend, Mama Kelly, crocheted a cap for my daughter, Angelgirl.  She liked it so much she wanted to have a few in lots of colors.  I really enjoy crocheting, so I came up with this quick and easy little pattern and made her a few.  The photo shows one made in a lightweight yarn, great for spring and fall, but if made in a heavier yarn it is very nice for winter too.

Crocheted Cap 
Materials: Hook size G;  Yarn: 2 ply, about 4 ounces
Size – Pattern can easily be adaptedfor smaller or larger size.  This hat fit Angelgirl when she was 12, she is petite, wears size 8 to 10 clothes

When I first made it, it was about 2 sizes to small (only had 6 rows of dc and then started the shell rows).
Circumference – lessen or increase the number of double crochet rows (1-9), if increasing do two dc every 12 or so stictches evenly all around increasing in a multiple of 3 to keep circle flat.
Length – reduce or increase the number Shell\SC & Chain rows

Chain 4, slip stitch together to form a circle.
Row 1 – Chain 3 (counts as first double crochet), dc 9 in circle (total 10)
Row 2 – Chain 3 and dc in first stitch, 2 dc each of the remaining 9 stiches (total 20)
Row 3 – Chain 3 and dc in first stitch, *dc crochet in next and two dc in next*, repeat from * for a total of 30 dc
Row 4 – Same as Row 3, for a total of 45 dc
Row 5 – Chain 3 and dc in first stitch, *dc in next 8 and two dc in 9th, repeat from * for a total of 50 dc
Row 6 – Chain 3 and doc in first stich, *dc in next 9 and two dc in 10th, repeat from * for a total 55
Row 7 – Chain 3 and doc in first stich, *dc in next 10 and two dc in 11th, repeat from * for a total of 60
Row 8 – Chain 3 and doc in first stich, *dc in next 4 and two dc in 5th, repeat from * for a total of 72
Row 9 – Chain 3 and doc in first stich, *dc in next 11 and two dc in 12th, repeat from * for a total of 78
Row 10 – SC and Chain Space Row: chain 1, single crochet in first 3 dc, chain 3 and skip 3 dc, *single crochet in next 3 dc, chain 3, repeat from * all way around, end with slip stitch to first sc
Row 11 – Shell Row: slip stitch to second (middle) sc, chain 1 and sc, *five dc in chain space (shell), sc in middle sc, repeat from * all way around, end with slip stitch to first sc
Row 12 – SC and Chain Space: slip stich to 2nd dc, sc in middle three dc, chain 3, *sc in dc 2,3,4 of next shell, chain 3, repeat from * all way around, end with a slip stitch to first sc
Repeat Row 11 and 12 four more times, or more for desired length to fit the child; end with a repeat of row 12 (SC and Chain Space row)
Last row:
Single crochet in each of the sc and 3 sc in chain spaces, all way around.
Optional – For one to three more rows sc crochet in each stitch all way around. This creates a nice edge that can be worn flat or turned up. I prefer having a total of three rows of sc to finish the hat, it just gives it a more finished look to me.

Lian Hat 2 Angelgirl Crocheted Cap)O(Lian Hat 1 Angelgirl Crocheted Cap

Note: This was my first time creating a pattern, I hope the directions clear.

What crafts do you enjoy?  What gifts have you made or will be making this year for Christmas (Yule)?

Nov 012011

WitchKitten 300x225 WITCH   A Poem
(Source for Photo: anonymous Facebook post)


~ Lady Rose (10/31/11)

W ise
I ntuitive
T enacious
C ourageous
H ealing


Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!

KittyWitchling 300x300 WITCH   A Poem
(Source for Photo: anonymous Facebook post)

Oct 142011

InfiniteLight 300x144 The Infinite Light

The Infinite Light
by Lady Rose

I am surrounded by the Infinite Light.
My soul huddles, frightened in fear.
I am healed by the Infinite Light.
My body aches, crushed in pain.
I am cradled by the Infinite Light.
My heart bleeds, broken by loss.
I am nourished by the Infinite Light.
My mind screams, overcome with terror.
I am guided by the Infinite Light.
My soul reaches out from the darkness.
I am surrounded by the Infinite Light.

InfiniteLight The Infinite Light


No matter how bad the darkness seems, remember the Inifinite Light is always with you.
Blessed Be, Lady Rose

Note: I wrote this poem in July 2006 in the wee hours of the morning, all was quiet and dark outside – it is a time when the sorrows of the past often rage against the healing and empowered self of the present.  I find that acknowlegding and honoring memories and emotions from the dark past while also shining the light of love within helps end the battle, heals the heart, and creates a stronger, wiser soul.

pixel The Infinite Light