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WordsHavePower 300x244 Words Have Power
Every word spoken or written has the power to make a difference for good or for bad. Change your words, change your thinking, change the world. Take a minute to watch this video and with a little change in perspective and a few well chosen words who knows what you can accomplish.

Link to video: The Power of Words

This video’s simple message is inspiring, and is a gentle reminder to use words wisely. As I strive to live life as a wise woman, it is important to remember that “words have power” and can impact the world and people around us.

Remember to chose your words wisely – each word spoken builds the quality of your life and those around you.  What affect do your words have:

  • bless or curse?
  • heal or harm?
  • expand or constrict?
  • nourish or poison?
  • loving or hateful?
  • uplifting or insulting?
  • encourage or discourage?
Be careful with your words and use them wisely.

Nov 272011

YinYangSunMoon 300x225 The Promise of TomorrowThe Promise of Tomorrow
~ Jamie Sams ~
“Earth Medicine”

The promise Creator gives us
Comes with every new day,
The gift of breath, the gift of life,
Opportunities in a vast array.
How do we count our blessings,
Through the choices life can bring?
Is it through joyful lessons?
Or the fears to which we cling?
Are we learning to show gratitude,
For the victories over human pain?
By honoring the feeling choices,
We grasp the will we’ve regained.
Can we change our focus,
With no need to defend?
Acknowledging joy and sorrow,
Without judging foe or friend?
Tomorrow promises the fullness
Of every human way to know:
How we master each challenge
Determines our balance –
reflecting how we grow.


I enjoy collecting inspirational quotes, poems and various writings and when I find one that is particularly thought provoking or enlightening I will share it here. I hope you enjoy this Native American quote.

Bright blessings, Lady Rose

Nov 202011

SingBodyElectric We Will All Be Stars

I sing the body electric
I celebrate the me yet to come
I toast to my own reunion
When I become one with the sun

And I’ll look back on Venus
I’ll look back on Mars
And I’ll burn with the fire of ten million stars
And in time
And in time
We will all be stars

I sing the body electric
I glory in the glow of rebirth
Creating my own tomorrow
When I shall embody the earth

I Sing The Body Electric We Will All Be Stars
from the movie Fame We Will All Be Stars, lyrics by Wade Lassiter


It’s good to remember we all come from the stars, that we are not just our physical body.  So let’s sing out loud and celebrate our “electric” (spirit) body and let our inner wise woman (or man) shine brightly.

Bright Blessings, Lady Rose

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Nov 132011

Transforming Pain 300x223 Transforming Pain
“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.”
~ Khalil Gibran

As we walk along our spiritual path we often stumble and fall or run smack into brick walls or fall off cliffs, we may even feel as if our very being is shattering into a million tiny pieces leaving us empty, broken, useless, and lost. At those times we have a choice – we can yell at the gods for abandoning us, we can crawl inside a hard shell and lock out the rest of the world, we can stay put in a our puddle of tears and pain, or we can chose to learn and grow and take a risk of transforming the pain into something new, whole, vibrant, and healing.

What struggles have you transformed? What has helped you cope with a stressful situation?

I’ve been through many major traumas and periods of chaos in my life. I know how difficult it is to keep balanced and positive when all the energy is being sucked out of you just to get through the day and put one foot in front of the other. These are the times to reach out for help from friends, family or even public services; to make the time to nurture yourself no matter what, and to remember to connect with the earth and the sky above and draw strength from the universe, ancestors, old ones, guardian angels and other positive forces of nature.

I’m not perfect at it trust me, but I am learning and each time I face a challenging situation I manage a little bit better each time I learn and grown a little bit more. In my younger days the whole idea of “positive thinking” just made me angry (“no amount of positive thinking was going to fix my life” was my belief), and people who smiled all the time were annoying (how could any one be that happy! was the response in my head). Fortunately I’ve grown in wisdom a bit over the last 50+ years and I now see the value of positive thinking and smiling really can cure a whole lot of things and makes the day go by much more pleasantly even in the worst of times.

Learning and practicing coping skills and healing techniques is very beneficial for learning how to weather the storms. Cultivating positive habits and thoughts that reinforce the connection to spirit and love in order to stay connected even in the darkest of times. Here are some examples of some of the practices that helped me to develop the inner resources needed to transform pain into healing: a daily practice of meditation (even just 10 to 15 minutes a day), keeping a journal of inspiration, maintaining a sacred space in my home to connect with the divine, learning relaxation and breathing techniques (qi gong) for reducing stress and healing.

Over the years I’ve survived and transformed from being a victim of childhood abuse, rape, cancer, extreme poverty and much more. It wasn’t easy and I don’t sugar-coat the experiences, but I have come out the other side of the dark tunnel of these experiences whole in body-mind-spirit, happy and loving, and dedicated my life to healing and living as a wise woman. It took a lot of hard soul searching and inner self work on my part. And I also allowed myself to accept the love and support of family and friends, and the inspiration and guidance of teachers who came into my life at different times in my life.

I invite you to share your ideas on transforming pain into healing, either in comments or if you wish to write a blog post about it please leave a link.

Namaste, Lady Rose

Note: photo from an anonymous facebook post, I added the quote.

Nov 092011

SpiritualBeings 300x225 We Are Spiritual Beings Having A Human Experience
We Are Spiritual Beings Having A Human Experience
~Teilhard de Chardin

The other day I had a wonderful online discussion about a variety spiritual experiences.  I thought it was interesting and wanted to share some of what was discussed here.  Please, feel free to comment and share your thoughts and experiences and we can keep the discussion going.

We are all spiritual beings living inside a physical human body – how that spirit is expressed is unique to each person, we all have “special talents” – but life, culture, family circumstances, etc. all seem to teach us to close our senses and awareness and most of us “sleep walk” through life never fully expressing the spirit within. After many lifetimes I think individually we begin to get the hang of “living” and those who have “mastered” it a bit can teach others and help them remember who they truly are. These teachers come in many forms, from every culture and country around the world. Actually each person can teach us something and true teachers are always students of life as well – but that is getting off the track a bit. All religions and spiritual paths are ways that humans try to “explain” the unexplainable, to answer the unanswerable questions – each has a grain of truth to it – but no words, books, or path (or religion) has all the answers. I believe each person has to discover their own truth and their way of expressing their spirit in the phsycial world. Books, teachers, mentors, etc. help us find the words to express what we “feel and sense” and to put into perspective experiences that are hard to explain – as my teacher says “words have power” they are seeds and will grow (in depth of understanding, wisdom, awakening, etc.) – each “teacher” we meet along the way provides us with an opportunity for growth and deeper wisdom.

All “magic,” “healing” and other alternative spiritual paths I feel have a grain of truth about how the universe works and eventually I think science will catch up and be able to “prove” a lot of what we call superstitution now. They all have different ways of expressing that truth and some get more bogged down in “ritual” than others, and of course there are always humans who either through ignorance or malice use what little knowledge and special talent they have to exploit others – therefore fakes and con artists are all too plentiful. For me the essence of our spirit is “energy” (frequencies) and everything in the universe vibrates with this energy (it goes by many names, but I usually refer to it using the term qi (or chi). If we are still and quiet it can be sensed with our senses and sometimes seen with our eyes (usually referrered to as the “aura”).

Drugs are not a safe way to experience the non-physical realm. Drugs bring down the barriers we have in our minds and can open one’s senses to the “spirit” realm of energy and frequencies and thus our perspective can be changed dramatically in how we see, hear, etc. what is going on around us. Because it is done in such a harsh, rapid way without a teacher (guide or master) all too often a person can be harmed by such experiences – plus drugs do horrible things to the physical body. Too often people are so in awe of the experience of what happens when they do drugs they become addicted to it and want to repeat it over and over – either to avoid the phsycial world because life is too painful for them or because they become lost in the fascination of the “out of body” like experiences of being open to the energy – but it is not a safe way to pursue spiritual experiences (sure there are cultures where under certain circumstances mind alternating substances are used – but it is also done with the presence of a shaman or other type of spiritual teacher and is only done on special occasions – without the proper preparation and guidance for most people any type of drug experience can be potentially dangerous)

There are safe ways to open up to spirit and energy realms, meditation for example, qi gong also has a “spiritual” element to it, and many others practices bring mind-body-spirit in balance and open the connection so that we can become more and more aware of the energy realm of spirit. In this realm we can see the web of life and how all things are interconnected, and feel the unlimited source of a all life, Love.

By what ever means one comes to experience the “spirit” realm – dreams, visions, seeing auras, hearing things, seeing ghosts, etc. etc. etc. – it can be very unsettling and confusing if there is no one around to help a person process and understand what it is going on – and too often the person is “labeled crazy or weird” and some even lose the ability to function in the phsycial world because they become lost in wandering the “spriit” (energy) realm within their mind. There are many many many people who once they begin to experience the spirit manfesting and their special talent awakening become “lost” in the experience – placing to much emphasis on the experience and simply seeking to have more and more and more of these experiences rather than using the experiences they do have to bring the benefits into the phsycial realm and improve the quality of their of life here and now (which is the purpose of life in my opinion – for each person to bring forth their unique spirit in physical form and live the life they have been given to their full potential).

Each person has their own unique experiences and special talents that can be developed. I find practiing qi gong, keeping a journal, paying attention to my dreams and writing them down, meditation (daily when possible) all help me to stay in touch with the spirit within and “hear” or “sense” the wisdom within.

A wise woman remembers and gently reminds others – We are all divine beings, we are interconnected, we have the unlimited capacity to give love and receive love, and we are all wise in our own way yet still have much to learn from each other.

Namaste, Lady Rose

Photo: added text to a cropped photo of a tshirt I bought from a vendor at Womon Gathering June 2008

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