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Due to time constraints can longer support “Ask A Witch” – feel free leave a question about a post in comments, I will try answer as time allows, but make no guarantees. Thank you for understanding.

Ask A Witch is a regular feature here at Blissful Moon. If you have a question or suggestion please feel free to leave a comment.

Have a question you’ve been itching to ask a witch? Are you curious about something related to qi gong, wicca, tarot, the occult, or even about me?  Do you want more information on a subject or topic you would like to see added to Blissful Moon? I am happy to consider all suggestions made by my readers and will do my best to answer questions.  All questions are answered in a blog post (only the initials of the person asking will be posted).

Namaste, Lady Rose

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  11 Responses to “Ask A Witch”

  1. I would like my ex. Bf too fall back in love with me. I was told he has a mooroo spell on him from another sphycic. Please tell me how too break it or could u break it. He told me he’s my soul mate and he is still in love with me.

  2. I used a psychic for a love spell on my roommate. The psychic said he is in love with me but he is under a mooroo spell which keeps him from coming to me and expressing his love, How can I break this spell.

  3. Hi! My friend and I are witches. I have been one for 4 years and he has been one for 3. Normally I can answer my own questions because of how long I’ve been practicing (which is a while because I’m 12), but this is puzzling me. My friend did a past life spell. When he looked in the mirror, instead of seeing who he was previously, his face looked entirely wiped off. My question is: What does this mean and why did it happen??

  4. hello, my question is a bit stupid but…is there any spell to go into any anime of choice? if you know what i mean…or at least a spell to open up a portal to the anime of choice…im never happy in this world…thats why i even tried to draw what i would look like if was an anime girl

  5. Hi Lady Rose,
    Can you tell me what a moo roo spell is?

  6. hi my name is hayli a couple of years ago i thought that i was a witch. i really changed the weather and somehow knew the future. well now it is happening a gain but now i feel like i see other things what could this mean?

  7. Hi
    I noticed a black colored spider walking across my altar where i did love candle spell for my beloved to be true to me forever.Can this mean anything important ?

  8. I had been doing candle spells to keep my love for myself forever spiritually , emotionally and physically.One day I found a black colored spider walking across this alter.Does it have any significance?

    • I never condone any type of Love Spell that is done to bind someone to another person. Take a few moments to consider the implications of that kind of energy being sent out – the law of the Nature and the Universe is everything you send out comes back to you threefold – do you really want “binding, controling” energy bouncing back on you?

      Spider was most likely just going for a walk.

  9. hi.. my name is melissa and i have been wanting to ask this for sooo very long. so,maybe you can help me. when i was little,it was holloween night and my aunt and the rest of my family were getting ready to go to church, i went outside and started jumping on the trampoline. i looked up at the moon like i always did and i seen a witch on her broom in the moon,i just kept on jumping and staring at the moon until my aunt called me,i didnt wont to leave because i loved jumping on the trampoline at night and staring at the moon,trying to grab it along with the stars. til this day i love the moon and stars and every holloween nite i look at the moon to see if the witch on her broom is there,but she isnt. i remeber that nite so clear and well and remember every detail of that nite. i cross my heart that it was real,so very,very real…… can u please tell me what it meant or means? i thank u… and bless be

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