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MerryMeetPic 300x170 Welcome and Merry Meet (a tale of how it all began)

Welcome to Blissful Moon

Thank you for stopping by. The blog was ready to go live a bit earlier then I originally planned, so a few details, addons, and polish are not finished yet. However, since today is the Full Moon I didn’t want to wait.  What better day to open Blissful Moon then the full moon!

Though this is my first post here, it is not my first time blogging. I hope that old friends from previous blogs will drop by and enjoy the new content. I also look forward to making new friends who discover Blissful Moon for the first time. You may be curious about who is “Lady Rose” (a.k.a. Cynthia – me) and just how did this blogging thing begin. To get a sneak peak into my slightly eccentric inner workings here is an brief introductory post” and for even more there is the “About” page.

As far as how my blogging adventures began, the tale begins when two witches crossed paths about 25 years ago and over the years they became best friends and heart-sisters and eventually one witch talked the other witch into blogging. Mama Kelly began blogging on Jan. 25, 2006, the blog’s name was Mama Kelly’s Musings on Blogger – her first post was “What Everyone Should Know About Wicca and Witchcraft” (it is now posted over on her current blog Blade and Cauldron, renamed and updated: My Name is Kelly and I’m a Witch). Shortly thereafter Mama Kelly convinced her best friend Lady Rose (me) that she should start blogging too. And so on March 6, 2006, with the a few clicks and a spark from muse my first blog, Purple Moon Garden, magically appeared with my very first post, “Lady Rose Introduction” (will updated and reposted here).

It didn’t take long for the two best friends (who just happen to also be witches) to realize it would be a lot more fun if they blogged together, so April 22, 2006 Mama Kelly moved her posts over to Purple Moon Garden. As they learned more about blogging and decided to expand, they moved all the content over to a free WordPress blog at the end of July, 2006 – the new blog was also called Purple Moon Garden but later changed to A Blog of 2 Witches . Mama Kelly and Lady Rose could now expand their content by adding pages and more useful useful information for their readers.

In April 2007, there was a glitch with WordPress and the blog was shut down for several days. Mama Kelly and Lady Rose scrambled to start over and created a new account for A Blog of 2 Witches. Once the old blog had been restored, they decided they liked their fresh start and decided to just stay there so they moved (once again) all the old content over. Over the next several months the blog went through several changes, various themes, and a title change becoming 2 Witches Blog.

Mama Kelly and Lady Rose dreamed of one day having their very own domain 2witches.com so they bought the domain name, but it took over a year to finally arrange for hosting. In August of 2008 Lady Rose discovered that the hosting service she was using for her other blog had just added a new feature – a second domain could be hosted for no extra cost. Finally their dream for 2 Witches Blog was going to come true. It took three months months to set up the theme, plugins and widgets and move over 100 pages of content and two years worth of daily posts (over 1300), do all the internal linking and graphics, etc.

Finally the big day arrived, Nov. 1, 2008 (Samhain) 2 Witches Blog held their grand opening on their very own dot com in their new blogging home – Welcome to the Grand Opening. They also maintained their own individual blogs as well – Mamma Kelly’s current blog is Blade and Cauldron (a frugal family; recipes, reviews, rants, and revelations along the way) and Lady Rose’s Diet Pulpit (“Don’t be a fool, eat for fuel! The journey to recover my health, from 308 lbs to 135 lbs). The twists and turns of real life combined with the time demands of working full time, family and blogging eventually took their toll and there was little time to devote to maintaining the joint project, 2 Witches Blog, and eventually the project was set aside. My personal blog, Diet Pulpit, began as Incredible Shrinking Ladies in April 2006 and eventually became Diet Pulpit (a humorous approach to getting healthy and achieving my goal weight which I did in Jan. 2011); the last update was in July 2011 (I backed up all the information and kept the blog live for awhile, but no longer update it). It is a journal of my years of struggling to recover my health and served it’s purpose well, but having reached my health goal (going from 308 lbs to a healthy 135 lbs), the theme of the blog was too confining and I felt the need to start something new to reflect my new goals and where I could combine my many interests and creative ideas in one place – and so the idea for Blissful Moon was born Sept. 2011 but took several weeks to finally go live.

So after a long and winding path and almost six years, I am beginning anew with Blissful Moon – there will be elements from past blogs (my goals for healthy living, incorporting spiritual inspiration and magic in daily life), current projects I am working on (for example, “end the clutter project”) and my goals to live my bliss, explore creative ideas and projects, finding joy in the simple moments of every day life and to live life as a wise woman.

I look forward to sharing the journey with all of you. Please take a moment to subscribe to our feed, “like” us on facebook, leave comments, ask questions, and pop in to sit a spell.  I invite you all to stop back often to see what stories, musings, tangents, rants, or prose may fly from my fingertips.  I welcome your comments, input and suggestions.

Bright Blessings, Lady Rose

pixel Welcome and Merry Meet (a tale of how it all began)

  6 Responses to “Welcome and Merry Meet (a tale of how it all began)”

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  2. Merry meet, Lady Rose. I am a newly professed male witch, who before today, was forced to live under a disguise of another religion. I now say this, I am very happy to have found you and you also very informative. I also struggled to find myself among this flock. I consider you a very good friend, and I look forward to hearing of your latest ventures. For I am Sir White Knight, one who hears the plight of others, and to offer guidance to connect themselves to the Lord and Lady. I very often keep in contact with them, to share myself with others who seek them. You shall have my personal blessing, Lady Rose. I live for the day to call you Oracle (wise woman), and I hope and pray you achieve that.

  3. Welcome and thank you for stopping by and being my very fist commentor. The fall is my favorite season. I spend waaaaaay too much on the computer no matter what season though. lol

  4. Congratulations and blessings on this, your new venture.

    Being a witch myself (a solitary), I appreciate the feeling of connectedness in a world that has become far too complicated.

    As autumn settles in, I find myself spending more time on the computer than I do in the garden. In doing so,I found you through Facebook; and I’m glad to count you among the friends I have there, both old and new.

    Thank you for this blog – and for sharing yourself with us.

    Bless you :)

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