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Question: Hi…my name is Melissa and I have been want­ing to ask this for soooo very long. So, maybe you can help me. When I was little, it was Hal­loween night and my aunt and the rest of my fam­ily were get­ting ready to go to church, I went out­side and started jump­ing on the tram­po­line. I looked up at the moon like I always did and I saw a witch on her broom in the moon, I just kept on jump­ing and star­ing at the moon until my aunt called me, I didnt want to leave because I loved jump­ing on the tram­po­line at night and star­ing at the moon, trying to grab it along with the stars. Til this day I love the moon and stars and every Hal­loween nite I look at the moon to see if the witch on her broom is there, but she isn’t. I remem­ber that nite so clear and well and remem­ber every detail of that nite. I cross my heart that it was real, so very, very real.…can you please tell me what it meant or means? I thank you… and bless be.

Answer: Thank you, Melissa for sharing your wonderful childhood vision.  In my opinion visions and dreams are real, not in the usual physical world sense of reality, but real in that they create a response (emotionally, mentally, and chemically within the body) and they are also real in the realm of imagination and in the energetic spiritual levels of existence.  The best person to intrepret what it means is you.  I can offer a bit of guidance and suggestions, but the answer is within your heart and spirit. 

Children are much more open to allowing visions from the spiritual realm and imagination to be seen with the physical eyes.  Rhythmic motion and chanting are activities that can open one’s mind to visions and inspiration.  So the combination of being a young child and the repetitive jumping and sheer joy of the moment were  all factors that may have contributed to your seeing the witch fly across the moon. 

What do witches mean to you?  For me a witch is a healer, a wise one, a priestess of the Moon and Earth, a protector of the earth and all living things.  But what the symbology of a “witch” means will be different for each person.  She may have been the moon’s way of saying hello to you or perhaps a guardian spirit letting you know you are being watched over.  It could be your inner voice showing you a vision of what is within your heart.

Even though you may not see her with your phsyical eyes now, the power of the vision will always be there and you can tap into it’s meaning and energy.  Before going to sleep at night picture her in your mind and ask that her message be revealed to you.  Keep a pen and journal near the bed and write now any dreams or inspirations that may come during the night or in the morning when you wake up.  This may not happen right away, so just give it time – no rush, no worry.  If you feel she is a guardian spirit, you can also ask for her to let you know in other ways that she is present.  Even though you may not see her, you may be able to “feel” or otherwise sense her presense.   

I hope that this was helpful for you.  If you have more questions feel free to ask and keep me posted on what you discover about your vision.

Bright Blessings, Lady Rose

pixel Vision of Witch Riding Across the Moon

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  1. Is very very REAL!!! When my mom was a teenager she her older uncle and her sister they all saw a the silhouette of a witch flying across the full moon!! this happened in Mexico around 1960’s now in about 2004 I was getting down the truck and look up and I couldn’t believe it I saw the perfect silhouette of a witch flying on her broom crossing the moon , so how can two different generations have seen the same thing??? It was soo real to me !!!

  2. When i was about 10 i seen a few witches flying around the moon. It has sat with me forever

  3. hi my name is devaughn and sat after my bday may 25 2013 I was lookin at the sun set to turn into the moon and as the moon was raising up clouds was going threw. So as the clouds was going to the cloud form up a witch riding the moon and she was riding for a min but backwards can u plz tell me wat that mean plz

  4. Thank you so much for your insight. I just saw a witch pass in front of the moon last night while I was giving reverence to her loving glory. Thanks again.

  5. thank u for ur answer,i will keep u posted…… u answered some things that i didnt see and opened a door 4 me to walk through,and whats been in my heart for a long time is to learn and to understand the witches way…….. many blessings my friend:)

  6. That was really a convincing answer given by you and like you said, yes, children are more intuitive and see things which the grown-ups would usually cannot perceive. It seems their instincts work more effectively than ours.

  7. Excellent post! I love your answers to her question! I agree with your meaning of a Witch… I feel much of the same way :)

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