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To Counter The Current Wave of Republican Laws to Control Women’s Body, Health and Reproduction Rights – I propose:

Please help this go viral and get the word out to your friends, acquaintances, and state congresswomen and senators (feel free to send it via email or post on facebook -just please include a link to this post).  

The Daddy DNA Database Project – a bill that requires all males over the age of 12 to have their DNA in a database – after all they are half the genetic material needed to create a baby and since the men do not want women to have birth control, and everyone is suppose to be 100% responsible for their own actions and offspring (no government support or handouts at all according to Republicans) it only makes sense that every single male should be in a database so they can be tracked down and their wages garnished to support their offspring. If they can’t – then it’s off to a workhouse of some sort to work for below minimum wage (the rest of their compensation is in the form of room and board) and what little salary they get will go to any children they fathered. The wealthy will love this idea – it provides cheap labor (they can also be used in work groups (with chains of course so they don’t escape) to work in the fields – thus doing the work that no one else wants to do (and eliminating the jobs that are now filled by illegal immigrants). Inmates (with tracking anklets of course) who have good behavior could even become house help for the uber rich.

UPDATE:  Of course men should be given a choice (after all even though the Republicans don’t want women to have a choice, we don’t have to stoop to their level).  Males can either have their DNA put in a database so they can be held responsible for all children they father, or they can opt to have a vasectomy. 

The Romney Republicans will love it since the rich benefit! And the Santorum and far right Republicans will love it too since it protects every single egg and sperm but adults of all ages rot in custody with no rights and with no support or safety net.

Sounds like something the Republicans should really go for right ??? **said with a touch of snark** After all personal liberty is meaningless when compared to the rights of a sperm and an egg which are much more important – so what’s a little DNA in a database if it means that every single sperm will now be protected and have a “loving” father ?

Since the far right and (some) Republicans will not listen to facts or reason, the only way to make our point is to fight their absurd ideas with our own absurd ideas and keep the pressure on until to these lawmakers come to their senses and stop trying to pull this country back into the dark ages and use “religion” to control women.

Note:  I don’t usually like to address political issues on this blog since that is not the focus of it, but the current wave of nonsense laws that Republicans in so many states are trying to pass (and some have passed!) is so absurd and so very dangerous for women’s health that I felt I needed to speak up. 

I feel very strongly about protecting women’s rights and health benefits.  I have a childhood history of male abuse (father was a child molestor and my step father a rapist) – as a result I ended up with cervical cancer when I was 19 and had to have a hysterectomy by the time I was 20. Plan Parenthood saved my life – it was the only health care option I had at the time for regular Pap smears so they were able to detect a problem early enough to save my life.  In order to get the treatment and surgery I needed, I had to go to my abuser father and live in his house for awhile so he could cover me under his employer’s health care and continue to be enrolled in college – but at least I was able to get the necessary surgery that I needed and go on to live a happy life; I am happily married for over 20 yrs and we have lovely teenage daughter (we became an adopted family in 1996).

FYI:  To those who seem to think I’m serious about this, let me clarify – I am SERIOUS about protecting women’s rights, health care options and access to affordable, safe birth control of all kinds.  I am NOT for invading any one’s privacy, telling them what to do with their bodies or in their bedrooms.  This proposal is simply to counter the extreme Republicans on the right who want to make sure women have no options, by using their own “logic” and applying it instead to men (rather then women).  The hope is that by seeing how absurd the idea is to control others when it is applied to men, that enough Republicans will stop aligning themselves with the far right christian-in-name-only folks who want to enforce religious laws on others (which by the way is very much like what the Taliban does with Sharia Law or the way the Communist China does by regulating how many offspring their people can have).

pixel Daddy DNA Database (a proposal to counter the current wave Republican nonsense laws against women)

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  1. Hi I am sorry that I only visits now. I don’t know if I will agree with this bill but it sounds pricey and the privacy are not safe anymore, I still prefer the natural way as human want their lifes will go
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