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Lady Rose: Qi Gong Healer and modern day witch with a cauldron full of wit and wisdom, a dash of magic, and a large dose of silliness now and then. Also a massage therapist, reiki practioner, a wife, mom, tarot reader & tarot deck collector (over 30+ years experience).  For more details read below and  see post Let Me Introduce Myself.

Services Offered:

  • Qi Gong Heal­ing pri­vate ses­sions
  • Heal­ing Cir­cle facil­i­ta­tor (large groups) – open to all, no experience necessary, just an open heart, an open mind, and positive energy
  • Lectures-Work­shops  (small groups): Intro. to Qi Gong for Heal­ing; Awaken the Goddess-Healer Within (includes guided meditaiton)
  • Pagan – Wiccan – Alternative Ceremonies

Future Plans (in development):  The Healer Within – unlocking the healer (Goddess and Wise One) that dwells within all of us. One heartbeat at a time, one breath at time, one step at a time we can heal the world, and it begins by healing ourselves. Get in touch with your inner magic, healing, and wisdom. Unlock your potential and step into your life purpose.  A self-paced series of 13 lessons, balance body-mind-spirit, self-discovery, transformation and creating an empowered lifestyle.

Blissful Moon: The tales of a modern-day witch striving to live life as a wise-woman (healthy, joyful, loving, evolving, empowered). Providing a cauldron full of information related to Wicca, paganism, rituals, spells, tarot, creating a healthy lifestyle, insights and ramblings, sprinkled with witchy wit and wisdom, a dash of magic, and a large dose of silliness now and then. (Related posts:  Wicca 101: an introduction.)  Grand Opening: full moon night Oct. 11, 2011.

I will continue and expand on the topics that I enjoyed blogging about in previous blogs (healthy living, wicca and tarot) with the additional focus on my goal to live life as a wise-woman (honoring the Goddess, healing, finding bliss, magic and humor in every day moments).  I will be sharing the struggles, successes, inspiration, tears, and laughter along the way. I welcome input, suggestions and feedback from readers, so please feel free to leave comments, ask questions, suggest topics and join in discussions.

Here is a sample of some of the topics you will find here at Blissful Moon:  (See also our Index page)

  • Ask a Witch (about) – Need advice? Curious about a topic? Want to see a topic discussed? Feel free to ask a witch anything or request information about any related subject that is covered on the blog (just leave a comment, use the contact form, or send a message via facebook and I’ll follow up in a future blog post)  Category: Ask A Witch
  • Blissful Moon’s Book of Shadows (page) – collection of various resources and writings (rituals, chants, spells, etc.)
  • Tidbits of Wisdom – information and lessons learned over the past 30 years as a witch (priestess, lecturer, and solitary)
  • Tarot (list)- my collection, lessons and readings
  • Qi Gong Healing – my life long commitment to the study of energy and healing, mind-body-spirit connection (tag: qi gong)
  • Stir the Cauldron (category) – hearth and home, recipes (tag), arts and crafts, and other creative projects I like to explore
  • Healthy Lifestyle – my continuing journey to stay healthy and strong (review of my journey from 308 lbs to healthy weight of 135 lbs)
  • Wise Woman (category) – collection of inspiration, quotes, sayings, prayers, photos, writings, etc. that make me smile and I feel are worth sharing
  • End the Clutter Project – the huge task of organizing and clearing out the junk from my house in order to transform my home into a sacred space and create a lifestyle to reflect my spiritual goals  (I managed to drop 172 lbs of unnecessary body weight – now it is time to release a few hundred pounds of unnecessary stuff from around the house).

My previous blogs were:  Diet Pulpit (still online but not updated) – the story of my journey from 308 lbs to a healthy weight of 135 lbs and overcoming several health issues (congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, painful plantar facitis); and 2 witches (co-authored with my best friend Mama Kelly, the ups and downs of daily life, sharing a glimpse into the secret lives of two real witches).

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About Lady Rose: I am 56 years young, happily married, mom to an awesome young lady, and a New Jersey girl. I have been studying Wicca and the Tarot for over 30 years, and although the path has been bumpy and sometimes temporarily blocked over the years, I continue to follow the spiritual path that is guided by my inner wisdom, spirit guides, and the blessings of the God and Goddess. I haven’t figured out exactly what I want to be when I grow up yet but I love exploring and learning new things – I do know my life’s purpose will always involve Wicca, qi gong healing, and helping others.  (Introduction: Let Me Introduce Myself)

Lady Rose’s Cast of Characters:
Teacherman – hubby (married Sept. 1, 1991)
Angelgirl – daughter  (d.o.b May 15, 1996)
Mama Kelly (aka Jia) – dear friend  20+ years
Brookela – dear friend 20+ years
The Herd (aka my family) – mom, 2 sisters & their hubbies, 2 brothers, several nieces and nephews

An Introduction to a Witch
I am now and probably always have a been a Witch – even during those dark times in my life when I didn’t believe in anything. It is the air I breathe, it is the earth I walk upon, it is the balm that soothes my soul, and the light that guides my spirit. I have many labels I carry in this life – but Witch is the one that is the closest to revealing the truth of who I am.

I am a Survivor
I have survived child abuse, crippling arthritis (diagnosed at age 2, the doctors said I would not be able to walk), rape, extreme poverty, beatings, a gun held to my head once, too much drinking as a teen, cancer, 2 previous failed marriages, unkind words, broken promises, lies, and long torturous nights of pain and tears.

I am Blessed
I have been blessed with the love of my husband, my awesome daughter, my heart-sisters (and best friends) Mama Kelly and Brookela, dear friends, an odd sense of humor, curiosity, an open mind, tenacity, a touch of creativity, and all the experiences in my life – the good and the bad.

I am Passionate
I have many passions (obsessions perhaps) – my current one is blogging and creating a healthy lifestyle to regain my health and balance.  I love a wide range of music, I love art, and I love to write.  In 1989 graduated college  (summa cum laude) with a B.A. in Liberal Studies after 11 years of night school. I’ve traveled to Egypt, London, Paris, Ireland, Jamaica, Canada, and several U.S. states (I hope to one day visit Hawaii).

I am a peripatetic spirit having one heck of an out of the ordinary life journey.

Namaste, Lady Rose

Poems and Other Writings by Lady Rose (links will be added as posted)
The Infinite Light by Lady Rose
The early morning, I listened by Lady Rose
The Goddess Smiled Today by Lady Rose
Dances With Life by Lady Rose
Reclaiming My Power, by Lady Rose
To My Sisters (chant by Lady Rose, sung by Mama Kelly)

Personal Motto:
Live strong, live well, share your wisdom, and take heaven (summerland\spirit world) by storm when it’s time to go.

LadyRoseMoon 150x150 About

The Important and Not So Important Misc. Facts About Lady Rose (or more than you ever wanted to know!)

  • D.O.B. October 30, 1955
  • I was first interested in Wicca at the age of 13, read the book Witchcraft Today by Gerald Gardner, joined a coven when I was 19
  • I am happily married to Teacherman (we were married Sept. 1, 2001)
  • I am a proud mom of a wonderful daughter, Angelgirl (d.o.b. May 15, 1996)
  • We became a family Oct. 20, 1996, the day Angelgirl (age 5 1/2 months) was placed in my arms in China
  • I am a qi gong healer, also certified in massage and reiki
  • I had a hysterectomy in my early 20s due to cervical cancer
  • I have rhumetoid arthritis (told at age 2 I’d never walk, the doctors were wrong)
  • Generally I am an all around nice person, with an occassional cranky day (especially if I miss my coffee in the morning).
  • I shed 172 lbs – reached my healthy goal weight of 135 lbs  on Jan. 1, 2011  (and no longer suffer with plantar facitis that made it almost impossible to walk, high blood pressure and congestive heart failure (diagnosed early 2006); no longer need to see the cardiologist or foot doctor)
  • I work in an office cubicle
  • I earned by Bachelor’s Degree in 1989 by going to night school for 11 years while I worked at the college full time.
  • State of Mind: Creative “hippie” with a youthful outlook who doesn’t take herself too seriously
  • I refuse to grow up entirely – life is just too much fun to waste being an adult 100% of the time (I believe in being responsible, but also being wide-eyed and filled with joy when ever possible)
  • I am a little bit of a rebel, for example I have four tattoos so far (and plan on getting a few more) – my first one was to celebrate turning 50
  • I am a strong and empowered survivor  (incest, rape, cancer, extreme poverty, and several other life challenges)
  • Interests: Healing, Qi Gong, Spirituality, Tarot, Buddism and Native American teachings, Self-improvement
  • Collections:  Tarot Cards
  • Favorite Hobbies: Reading (mostly fantasy and some vampire book series), Writing, Crocheting, and way too much TV
  • Obsessions: Blogging
  • Addictions: Coffee, at least 1 big cup of coffee every morning (two is better); TV and Books
  • Favorite Color: Purple
  • Likes: Dragons, Renaissance Faires, huge Harry Potter fan, hosting theme parties and creating memorable events for family and friends, ghost hunting, dabbling in various arts and crafts


Know Thyself: I believe it is important to know where I’ve been, what I have accomplished, and where I am planning to go in life in order to stay focused and take action to achieve what is really important to me. The first step is having my priorities in order, followed by lifetime goals that reflect my core values and priorities, followed by smaller (flexible) goals so that each and every day my choices and actions build the foundation needed to manifest my goals and reflect my life’s purpose (with heart-mind-spirit working in harmony).

1) my health
2) my daughter and husband
3) my family and friends
4) basic necessities of life – work (cause it pays the bills), home and taking care of every day needs
5) healing, helping others, and walking the talk of my spiritual path, enriching my well-being and enjoying life.

Lifetime Goals:
1) live life as a wise-woman; strong and healthy to 100 years young and beyond
2) enjoy each moment as it comes along
3) attend at least one healing\wiccan\pagan\spiritual event a year
4) continue learning and being creative (current interests include qi gong, aromatherapy, various arts and crafts, and writing a book)

Other Goals (some accomplished and some planned for the future – flexible and subject to change):
1) Visit Egypt (accomplished, also visited Ireland, London, Paris, Jamaica, Canada, and various U.S. states)
2) Bachelor’s Degree (accomplished, 11 yrs of night school)
3) Certified in Massage Therapy (accomplished)
3) A Home and Family (accomplished, married to a wonderful man and mom to an awesome young lady)
4) Regain my health (accomplished – released 172 lbs and reached my healthy goal weight of 135 lbs Jan. 1, 2011)
5) Qi Gong for Healing (accomplished – classes taken, but learning continues for a lifetime and beyond)
6) Take a family vacation to swim with the dolphins
7) Write a book and have it published (already written 3 but 1 was taken, 1 was never finished, 1 the publisher changed their mind)


Blog Writing History:
First Blog: Purple Moon Garden 3/6/06 (began after Mama Kelly started her blog Mama Kelly’s Musings Jan 25, 2006)
Became A Blog of 2 Witches 4/22/06 – combined two blogs
Which then became 2 Witches Blog 6/1/07 and eventually got our own doman 2witches.com – 2 Witches Blog grand oepning 11/1/2008 – by 2010 blogging slowed down and 8/5/10 was my last post there, and Mama Kelly updates about once a month or so.  Mama Kelly opened her new blog Blade and Cauldron 6/1/10
Second Blog: Incredible Shrinking Ladies 4/23/06 to track progress to regain health (and briefly blogged with other bloggers who were also eating healthy) – closed 1/1/08, continued blogging at Diet Pulpit, opened 4/1/07 as a humorous way to get healthy an drop some pounds, a grand opening at official own domain 10/1/07; Jan 1, 2011 reached goal weight of 135 lbs (blog is no longer updated blogged) – Diet Pulpit (personal journey to get healthy, live to 100 and beyond, and doing it with F.A.T.-attitude (fabulous, awesome, and tenacious).

Blissful Moon – Sept. 2011 bought domain, grand opening Oct 11, 2011 (full moon night)


DISCLAIMER: The information in this blog is for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is NOT to be used as a substitute for medical treatment or advice. Always consult with a medical professional before using any alternative healing method or supplements.  Note: this blog contains general information on a variety of topics, and from time to time strong opinions, based on my 30+ years of life experience as witch and student of life – I speak only for myself and do not claim to be an “expert”; I am not an authority or representative of any tradition, organization, etc. Note regarding Tarot:  Tarot information and\or readings are provided for entertainment and educational purposes only.

FYI: I do NOT do spells or readings for the lottery, getting rich quick, making someone fall in love or any type of love spells. If you have a sincere desire to learn how to improve your life, create more abundance and love in your life through wicca or other positive means I am happy to help.

The real magic is within you, trust your inner voice.


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