Oct 132011

royalcastle 300x195 Yes I am Lady

Lady Rose is “officially” titled Lady.

My friends know I have an “odd” sense of humor and a tendency to be silly. Back in June 2007 I reached a new height of silliness! I happened to find an Ebay auction to own a small piece of land (with salmon and fishing rights too!) that entitles you to be called “Lord or Lady.”  Since my pen name is “Lady Rose” I just HAD to have this little piece of land in the Scottish Highlands so I could “officially be called “Lady.” The paperwork arrived all the way from across the pond within a couple of weeks. My lovely, spacious one-square-foot estate is located in Lochaber, the heart of the Highlands of Scotland.

I think my position in a royal court would most likely be the Court Jester.

 LRFool2 150x150 Yes I am Lady

(photo of me from Sept. 2007, from my previous blog Diet Pulpit (motto:  Don’t be a fool, eat for fuel!)

I believe in allowing silliness to flourish whenever I can.  What have you done that is silly or makes you smile?

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and fun day, Lady Rose

pixel Yes I am Lady

  6 Responses to “Yes I am Lady”

  1. Ah, but so many great minds have said that the Court Jester is the wises of them all, so it is just fitting that such position is claim by a Lady Witch ;)

    I’ve grabbed your button and added it to my scroll-box!

  2. Awesome! Sounds like something I would do. My silly thing was to get ordained by the Universal Life Church. Just sounded like a good idea at the time. I have my printed certificate and everything. Have been looking for a good reason to use it, but just haven’t found one yet.

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