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Thanksgiving2007 1 300x225 A Wonderful Family Thanksgiving

13 photos from my favorite Thanksgiving family get together, November 2007.  We rented a house on the beach with two 3-bedroom apartments, so we had plenty of room to invite the whole family down to spend a couple of nights and two kitchens to cook in.

The turkey, the beach, and the full moon = a perfect vacation! And one of the most awesome Thanksgiving get togethers we have ever had, with lots of wonderful memories for everyone in our family.

The house we rented was right on the ocean, we arrived on Wed. and stayed through to Sunday, it has a big apartment on the second floor (where we stayed with a deck facing the ocean), and a big apartment on the first floor with a big porch facing the ocean (where most of the family stayed). My family joined us for two nights and we enjoyed a wonderful, relaxing, awesome Thanksgiving together. My hubby is a great cook and the turkey came out perfect (and everything else too). We did a lot of prep work at home first, so the morning of Thanksgiving we bascially just had to put a few things together put the turkey in the oven (and a ham in the other oven downstairs) and enjoy our time together with the family and watch the kids playing on the beach. Dinner time we all helped setting the table and setting out the awesome feast, shared our thoughts on what we were thankful for, enjoyed each other’s company and the spectacular ocean view as we leisurely ate dinner. The weather for the whole weekend was awesome; who would have believed that in Nov. we could be running around the beach with just a light jacket on here in New Jersey. At night the full moon was shining over the water and created a magical, relaxing sight. Sunrises were equally beautiful and inspiring.

The kids got to play on the beach, collect shells, do arts and crafts (I had brought some kits for them), make xmas candy (my sister brought an easy kit for them). Friday my sisters and I got to visit a local Christmas shop and oooh and ahhhh over all the awesome decorations. Some of us went for a nice walk through part of the bird sanctuary along the beach that is a short distance down the road from the beach house.

Thanksgiving2007 2 A Wonderful Family Thanksgiving

The weather was so nice that the kids could play on the beach and we sat on the porch watching the waves while the turkey was roasting. The view on the beach was awesome and the full moon at night added just the perfect magical touch.

Thanksgiving2007 3 A Wonderful Family Thanksgiving


I really hope that we can rent the beach house again for a future Thanksgiving.  It was one of the most relaxing, no drama, Thanksgiving holidays we have ever had when the whole family was together.

Thanksgiving2007 4 300x225 A Wonderful Family Thanksgiving

This year it will be just the three of us today for a small Thanksgiving Feast. We will be getting some work done around the house – there is lot to organize and rearrange in the tv room. We got new furniture for that room yesterday so I want to start uncluttering the room and deep cleaning (including six bookshelves in desperate need of sorting and dusting) We will be getting together with the family on Saturday over at my sister’s house to celebrate with the extended family – my mom, my sister and her husband and 2 kids, and my brother (who is sick with the flu but hopefully will be feeling better by Saturday) and his son. My other sister isn’t speaking to her or avoiding every one else in the family (long story and not worth telling). Since she is living right across the street we will pop in for a quick visit to drop off some homemade turkey soup that Teacherman plans on making Friday with our leftovers. My other brother is in a nursing home in Arkansas, he is blind and lost both legs because of diabetes. I will be sending out his monthly care package (sugar-free treats and a cd of music) this weekend.  I’m looking forward to a peaceful four days off work enjoying time with my hubby and daughter, and a nice visit with the extended family.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving memories?  Wishing everyone a joyful, happy, and healthy Thanksgiving, Lady Rose

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pixel A Wonderful Family Thanksgiving

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  1. My family did something like this once when I was very young, but it wasn’t for Thanksgiving. I still remember it very well, which is precisely the effect of these special holiday trips, isn’t it? You really don’t ever forget.

    A belated Happy Thanksgiving and Happy TT to you!

  2. Wow. So nice. I’m jealous.

  3. That sounds like a wonderful time in a beautiful place! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy T13,

    13 Turkey Facts

  4. What a beautiful home!

    Thank you for visiting me.

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