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AskWitch 5 How Do I Become Wiccan?

CB asked: I’ve been doing some research and I found that the Wicca religion and the traditions that it hold are quite interesting, Would you mind telling me a little bit more about the religion and If I were to become Wiccan how I would go about doing so?

Wicca is a very broad subjet – and several traditions, so there is no one simple answer.  Deciding to follow Wicca as one’s spiritual path is a personal decision and I advise reading as much as possible.  Here is my brief introduction that I wrote Wicca 101 An Introduction.

Start out by reading some good books (not the fluffy new age stuff, i.e. Silver Ravenwolf) – Recommended Book List (Paganism, Wicca, Witchcraft). Once you have decided if wicca is the path for you, explore what tradition you might be interested, or if you prefer a more eclectic approach.  You can decide whether to be solitary or try to find a group in your area. Do you want a path that leads to initiation or do you prefer self-dedication. Even if you can’t find a reputable circle that meets regularly in your area, there are many retreats and large group get togethers across the country so that you can interact with like minded folks  (they may not be just “wiccan” but a blend of many traditions – but they can be educational and fun). I attend Where Womyn Gather as often as I can (held beginning of June, in north PA area) and Circle of Trees Retreats (held every few months, in Milford, PA area),  There are retreats and gatherings all across the country.  Also Circle Sanctuary is a great place to start – Selena Fox is a well known wiccan leader and offers lots of resources and information.   Another quick references for resources is the list I put together of contemporary wiccan and pagan bloggers, resources, and elders:  Blog and Resource Links.

Being a witch means somthing different to every one – it can be observing the Sabbats (the 8 seasonal holiays) and the full moons, it can mean using herbs, spells, divination, etc. It can mean incorporating traditions and healing practices into your daily life and caring for your family and home.  It can be serving has a shaman or healer for the community – or any combination and more.  Many decide to not use the term “witch” or “wiccan” but decide on a path that is “pagan.”  Take the time to think about what does it mean to you to be a Witch or Wiccan and how do you want to express that in your life.  Is it your religion or spiritual path?  Are you seeking to serve your famly or the community as a spiritual leader?  Do you want to explore the “work of a witch” (self-discovery, personal spiritual growth and transformation; or are you interested in healing, studying herbs, and many other paths).  For myself, I have found the “work of a witch” can be found in many traditions and many cultures even though they do not use the same terminology.  I am Qi Gong healer. (Qi Gong for healing – traditions from China that are thousands of years old and incorporate mind-body-spirit practices.)  The training and practices are very compatible with my spiritual path of wicca and it is a wonderful way to serve as a healer.

In a nut shell Wicca, as a spiritual path, is about honoring the Great Spirit (the Divine) as a God and Goddess (or sometimes just as a Goddess depending on the tradition), respecting nature, growing in spirit (balancing mind-body-soul), harming none in thought, will or deed. For me personally, it also means striving to live my life as a wise woman (healthy, joyful, loving, evolving, empowered), manifesting the divine spirit (Goddess) in my daily life, caring for my family and home, and serving the community as a healer.

Feel free to contact me if there is anything I can help with.

Bright Blessings, Lady Rose

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