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My1stTarotDeck 150x132 Tale of My First Tarot Deck continued

Part 1 – My First Tarot Deck (previous post)
Part 2 – Tarot miracle or coincidence?

As I posted on Monday, in 1990 several cards in my first tarot deck were damaged when my new puppy chewed on them.  It took almost a decade before I slowly began collecting and reading tarot again for myself.  I added a deck or two now and then if one caught my attention and did replace my Rider Waite Tarot  Tale of My First Tarot Deck continued with one with a different backing to use for readings, but my heart wasn’t in it and there was a lingering sadness (it was a very stressful, painful time back then so losing my tarot deck felt like another blow and sign that I was on the wrong path). Through the years my good friend, Mama Kelly, would often surprise me with a lovely deck for birthdays and Yule, with every gift my heart and spirit healed a little more. It was early spring 2008 that my recovering from past stress and pain had healed enough and I began to feel the strong urge to work with and collect tarot again and the old hurts and loss faded.

Spring 2008 I decided I would give it one more try to find a Rider Waite deck with the ankh design on the back to replace the damaged cards in my first Tarot deck.  But even if I didn’t, that was ok too, I would still enjoy  reading and collecting tarot cards.  I was going to give to it about a month or two, and if I didn’t find the deck I was looking for I would move on and just enjoy the tarot cards I did have and would collect in the future.

I started visting Ebay regularly to see what was available and if any unwanted Tarot decks needed a good home. For every single listing of a Rider Waite deck from the 1970s that I saw up for auction, I contacted the seller to ask what the back looked like, but no one had a match for my first Tarot deck. After a few weeks I decided to go straight to the source and contacted U.S. Games, after all they made almost every Tarot deck out there including the Rider Waite Deck. I spoke with a very polite and helpful young man on the phone. He said that the company kept several copies of every deck they ever made in a vault and perhaps it would be possible to replace the ones I was looking for. He put me through to the owner’s voice mail and told me that every single phone was returned. Within thirty minuties I recieved a phone call back from the owner himself. He was very nice, but explained that his company had not made that deck. The deck I had was made “illegally.” U.S. Games, Inc. has the only license to reproduce the Rider Waite Deck. The company that made the deck I owned had been told not to publish it, but went ahead and did so any way. However, the owner of U.S. Games said he would check the vault and if by chance they did have a copy of this deck he would send me the missing cards I needed.

I was thrilled to have had the pleasure of speaking with the owner of U.S. Games and for his help, but I didn’t hold out much hope that he would have the needed cards. Also, now I knew the deck was going to be even harder to find since there was only one publication done (they were stopped from running a second printing), and that meant there probably were not many decks around.

I decided that I would just move on, keep collecting and learning about the Tarot and keep my eyes open for a new deck that might “call” to me as a deck to read with.  As I healed from the old hurts and pains of the past, I was able to see that the dog chewing on my tarot cards was not a sign from the universe telling me I was unworthy – it was a lesson to teach me to let go of “needing” a specific deck (the cards are just a tool), and to rely on myself and my connection to the wisdom of the universe.

A couple more weeks passed and I found several lovely decks (for a reasonable price) on Ebay that I added to my collection. Then one day out of the blue there IT was there – an auction with a photo of a Rider Waite Deck showing the back with an ankh! I blinked a few times to make sure I wasn’t imagining it and then placed a bid, and won the auction.

When the box arrived with the deck I carefully opened it and smiled. I cleansed the deck with a bit of sage incense and replaced the damaged cards. It took 18 years but the deck was whole again, the replacement cards happily nestled in with the original deck.

I will only use this deck to do readings for myself. Now that I know they would be extremely hard to replace I don’t think I want any one else shuffling and possibly bending them. For readings I use a Rider Waite deck that I found with backs that I liked (a very nice image that reminds me of the universe – dark blue with stars). I attended Womon Gathering the following month and took my first deck with the replacement cards and the newer deck I use for readings with me to soak in all energy and blessings from the ceremonies and circles I attended and also so I can begin re-connecting with the cards.

Was it a Tarot miracle or just a coincidence? I like to think of it as a coincidence that is also a little positive affirmation from the universe that I’m on the right path.

What deck do you use to read? Do you have a favorite tarot deck?  What experiences have you had with Tarot cards?

Namaste, Lady Rose

Check out a list of my collection here: TAROT COLLECTION AND MUSEUM PROJECT – dedicated to the perservation of Tarot Decks. If you know of a Tarot Deck in need of a good home and wish to donate it to the museum project feel free to message me on Facebook (profile) for details. All donated decks will be kept safe and loved, and available for viewing online (until such time as a physical location can be acquired for display), the donor’s name with a link  of their choice and brief description will be posted here on the collection page next to the donated deck.

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