Oct 212011

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Tonight I will be in Qi Gong for Healing class with my instructors Brian Coffey and Fran Maher in Warren, NJ.  It is the start of the second weekend for the Qi Healer Intensive course – the class is two consecutive weekends (Friday evening and all day Sat. & Sun.).  I took the class for the first time in the fall of 2009.  In 2010 I took the next level class Qi Therapist Intensive (a three weekend class).  After taking the class for the first time, my teachers offer all returning students the opportunity to take the class as many times as they want to at no cost.  It is beneficial to retake the class for many reasons.  Each time I learn more and gain a deeper understanding, and more importantly I get to experience the energy that is shared by my teachers and others in the class.

Qi Gong is a form of energy work and healing techniques that are over 8000 years old.  It is both simple and deeply profound, connecting the body-mind-spirit through breath, movement, and meditations.  In class we learn self-help practices for our own well-being, balance, and inner peace and how to gather, build, store, circulate, and transmit qi healing energy to help others.  The techniques can be done any where, any time, and do not require any special tools.

I will be posting more about qi gong in the future, but if any one has any questions or would like more information at any time, feel free to con­tact me by email (or send a message via my facebook profile).

Namaste, Lady Rose (Qi Gong Healer)


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