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I got my first tattoos to celebrate my 50th birthday – the pentacle on my ankle and the dragon heart area (front of the chest). The following year I got the triquetta on the other ankle, and the year after that the yin-yang on the back of the neck (the rose in the center represents my middle name and also my “pen name”). The tattoo artist designed the yin-yang especially for me, he said he had never done a rose that small before. The photos don’t do them justice. I will eventually get two more tattoo – one on the inside of each wrist. These will be small and simple designs (because that is a very tender area to get a tattoo in) – the triple moon and a few stars (in purple of course).

The symbology for the tattoos is based on a simple ritual poem I wrote many, many years ago.

My feet rest upon the earth (two ankle tatoos),
My spirit soars among the stars, (arms raised with two moon tattos on wrist),
My heart resides between. (dragon and yin-yang)
Healing, powerful, loving I am.
So mote it be.

It took a long time to decide whether I wanted tattoos, but when I did I knew they would have to be meaningful and symbolic to my spiritual path and to be an expression of the sacredness of the divine residing in the phsyical body.

Do you have tattoos? What designs are they and what meaning do they have for you? If you have photos of your tattoos, feel free to leave a link and I’ll pop over to take a look.

Namaste, Lady Rose

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  1. I love them and their symbolism…. and the poem! I have one tat that I got many years ago… no symbolic meaning, I just fell in love with it back then. It’s an athame with a rose twined around it on my outer right ankle. I still love it to this day, although the colors have faded. I have thought about getting it touched up, but can’t seem to make myself put out the money for it… maybe someday.

    • The athame and rose sounds lovely. I know what you mean about not spending the money – I have to watch my budget too. What I do when I want something that a bit expensive like a tattoo or a large crystal – first I wait awhile and make sure it is not just an impulse purchase, once I’ve decided it is definitely something that is useful or beneficial to my spiritual journey then I plan for it, saving up a little over time, then for my birthday or xmas I get it as a special gift for myself – I make the day special (for instance when I get a tattoo I use that opportunity to spend the day to rededicate myself to my path as a healer, take a ritual cleansing bath before and a small dedication and blessing ceremony after)

  2. Oh, I *love* your ink. After years of lusting, since my leg is finally coming close to full healing (as you said it would a few years back, I might say, and thank you for anything you sent my way… over 18 years is a long time healing ::sigh::) I am planning my first ink myself. Most likely will be a birthday gift to myself, this coming year :)

    • Can’t wait to see your ink Anne! Be sure to post a pic­ture and let me know. So glad to hear your leg is heal­ing *blisess­ing and light*

      • iam a witch and very powerful and i two cats that are elemantal figures i want the the sign that was on the book in charmed

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