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Merry Meet one and all. I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself – my name is Cynthia,  I write online under the pen name Lady Rose.  I’ve been blogging since 2006 and it has been a long winding road to get here at Blissful Moon (About).

I am a wife, a mother, full-time employee trapped in an office cubicle, college graduate, qi gong healer, and a witch.  I am also certified in massage therapy and reiki. I will be writing about my observations and musings about life, a variety of topics that I enjoy, and my quest to live my life as a wise woman. After all the world can never have enough ramblings (and rantings), of a slightly eccentric, off-beat, still a hippy on the inside 55+ young woman, who happens to follow the spiritual path of wicca and struggles to find a bit of balance, serenity and laughter in the choas that is daily life.

In Oct. 2005 I turned 50 – I celebrated by getting my first two tattoos. It was a long and sometimes difficult road to travel to achieve this milestone, but along the way there were also many wonderful, joyful, and awesome experiences. Reaching 50 was a very “freeing” experience — I finally felt like an “official” grown up and it was very empowering. Even though I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up and I still don’t have all the answers to life’s questions, I have learned to be thankful for life’s gifts and to enjoy the simple pleasures that each day brings. I am also learning to enjoy the perks of being a grown up (such as early bird specials, being called ma’am, speaking one’s mind without worrying about what others think). However, my inner child is still alive and well – she can be silly, stubborn, naughty, and often irreverent.

I am also a survivor (poverty, childhood abuse, cancer to name a few). The past does not define who I am, it is only the road I traveled to become the person I am today and will continue to evolve into in the future. From a childhood of unpleasant surroundings and painful memories, through an adolescence of heartache and loss, into a young adulthood of dashed hopes and dreams, grief and enormous stress, I have arrived at this point in my life with a foundation of strength and optimism surrounded by my wonderful husband, terrific daughter and awesome friends, who give my life meaning and purpose.

I consider myself a “kitchen” witch and wiccan, my focus is on healing, honoring Mother Earth, and the simpler spiritual aspects in every day life rather then any one particular religious practice or tradition. Over the past 30 yrs I have been a member of a large wiccan circle, a priestess of my own circle, a guest lecturer on wicca and pagainism, and at times a lost soul limping along the path. For the past several years I have been a solitary wiccan, but never alone – I enjoy sharing good conversation with like-minded friends from many traditions and paths (in person and online) and I attend various classes, gatherings, retreats and other events.  For me, being a healer\witch\wiccan is a way of life and a spiritual path that evolves. Living as a witch (wise woman) means that I strive to manifest in my daily life the ways of the Goddess (Joyful Maiden, Nurturing Mother, and Wise Crone) and  the wise woman as a healer who brings a bit of magic into everything she touches, honors nature, cares for her family and home with love, and is true to herself.  (Read more here About.)

I look forward to sharing the journey with my readers and hearing your thoughts and ideas for living life wisely.

Bright blessings, Lady Rose smallprofile Let Me Introduce Myself

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NOTE: This is an updated and revised version my very first blog post, “Lady Rose Introduction,” written March 6, 2006 from my first blog “Purple Moon Garden” (originally on Blogger, now closed)

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