Oct 192011

 Lady Rose, Mama Kelly, and the Gaian Tarot Lady Rose, Mama Kelly, and the Gaian Tarot

Yesterday I introduced you to my tarot collection and today I thought I would follow up with a tarot related video.  Early 2010 I purchased the collector’s edition of the Gaian Tarot Lady Rose, Mama Kelly, and the Gaian Tarot, and also bought a deck as a birthday gift for my best friend (Mama Kelly). When we got together to celebrate her birthday in June we made a little video while sitting around her kitchen table after she had opened her gifts and shared it on youtube. At about the 6:30 mark we talk about the Gaian Tarot and show some of the cards. I am posting the video here as a nice introduction so you can get to actually see and hear me (and Mama Kelly).  I’ll be doing a full review of the Gaian Tarot later on, the artwork is breathtaking and it is a wonderful deck to work with (Gaian Tarot website).

I am hoping to work out the kinks (lighting, space, etc.) to be able to do more videos at my house. I think it would be a great way to review my tarot collection (one deck per video), rather than just writing up a review and taking a photo of the decks. What do you think? Let me know if you like the idea of video reviews or would prefer photos and a written post. (Full list of my tarot decks: Tarot Collection and Museum Project)

Lady Rose and Mama Kelly celebrate Mama Kelly’s birthday
(video created – June 13, 2010)


Check out a list of my collection here: TAROT COLLECTION AND MUSEUM PROJECT – dedicated to the perservation of Tarot Decks. If you know of a Tarot Deck in need of a good home and wish to donate it to the museum project feel free to message me on Facebook (profile) for details. All donated decks will be kept safe and loved, and available for viewing online (until such time as a physical location can be acquired for display), the donor’s name with a link  of their choice and brief description will be posted here on the collection page next to the donated deck.

pixel Lady Rose, Mama Kelly, and the Gaian Tarot

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