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FamilyHarryPotter2007 257x300 How can your daughter be good?
(Angelgirl at her Harry Potter 11th Birthday Party, May. 2007)

Ask A Witch:  How can your daughter be so good when she doesn’t attend church?

This is a real question we were asked back in 2004 about our lovely daughter, Angelgirl (she was about 8 when this question was asked, she is now 15 and still very good, polite, caring, happy and healthy). The question was asked by my nephew- in-law, who at the time was studying to be a priest (he has since changed his mind and gotten married to a lovely woman). He was sincerely perplexed by the wonderful, giving, loving, and spiritual qualities that our daughter has – BUT she does not attend church.

Rather then take offense at the question, I answered honestly and we were able to have a nice discussion on the matter of religion versus spirituality and I gave him a little insight into my own opinions on the matter of “organized” religion. In my opinion, no religion (including wicca) “makes” a person bad or good, or keeps a person with harmful intentions from carrying them out. There has been so much damage and killing done in the name of the “church ” and various other religions too – that I sometimes wonder that any good comes from organized religion at all (but that is just my frustration getting the better of me). What is positive about the church or any religion are the people who have loving spirits who become members and continue to share their love and giving natures with others.

Our daughter before the age of 2 was blessed by a 108-year-old Buddhist monk, a Santeria priest, by me her wiccan priestess mom, and in a formal blessing ceremony (where she toddled down the aisle holding hands of her godmother and goddess mother) she was blessed by a Native American Shaman, a Unitarian minister, and an Episcopalian priest. Do I think all these blessings were necessary or contributed to her soul being good? Not at all. What they do represent is that we believe all positive thinking, beliefs, and energy are a good thing and I believe having that positive energy and love in her life is a good thing. It also shows her we want her to be open minded, think for herself, and follow her own path in life and teaches her that respect for the spiritual aspects of life is very important and a central part of our way of living.

If her path takes her to a particular religion to practice that is ok. If not, that is ok too. Because regardless of religion – she is a loving, giving, honest, wise, and “good” person. And even though I am a broom carrying, cauldron stirring, pointy hat wearing wiccan priestess and I have taken my daughter to an open pagan event where there were lots of arts and crafts activities for kids at a state park – I would never tell her she had to be wiccan. I will answer her questions; I will lend her age appropriate books if she wants to read them. But she has also been exposed to other religions and I would allow her to go other churches and events if she wanted to. My wish for my daughter is that she continue to be open and blossom and follow her spirit, rather then practice a particular set of rules set by any organized religion (unless of course that is what she chooses). Would parents of another faith be so open to exposing their children to the various traditions of wicca? Probably not, but that is a topic for another discussion.

For myself, it is more important to be centered, empowered and “spiritual” and not just simply follow a particular religious dogma (religion without spirituality is just empty words and actions).  It’s doesn’t matter what religion a person follows or doesn’t follow. What really matters is what is within one’s heart, being aware of one’s part in the web of life, and respecting others.  What are you thoughts?  Would you or do you expose your children to a variety of religions and spiritual paths?

Namaste, Lady Rose

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pixel How can your daughter be good?

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