Dec 282011

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What we like best about this time of year is building happy memories and being with family and friends (like the Christmas Oatmeal Boxes Grandmom used to put together or the Mrs. Weasly Sweater I made for my best friend for Christmas 2007). We were fortunate to have the opportunity to be with our family, share lots of smiles, give out a few surprises and create some wonderful memories.

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Christmas morning the three of us, Teacherman, Angelgirl, and Me, had a lot of smiles and Santa was very good to us.  We take our time and open gifts slowly, sip coffee (Angelgirl sips hot cocoa) and wear a Christmas hat on our heads.

By noontime we headed out to make the rounds and visited my sisters (who live across the street from each other). First on the left side of the street we brought Mom along and gave gifts to my niece and two nephews. Then crossed the street to visit with my other sister,  (my mom lives there too), and my brother (who arrived a bit later about mid-afternoon).  We called my other brother, who is in a nursing home in Arkansas, to wish him a Merry Christmas.  He really enjoyed the Christmas package we sent him (it included a Christmas Oatmeal Box).

Mom was spoiled with a huge stocking and lots of packages to open – from little gifts and treats to big surprises.  I think this was her biggest Christmas ever.  Her big gifts included a cd player and a notebook (computer).

I usually get my nieces and nephews gift cards, but like to present them each year in a unique way but putting together a “themed” gift bag or basket.  This year theme was baking – I got my brother and sisters the Big top Cupcake Highlights Christmas 2011 with a couple of cake mixes, icings, and cake decorating sprinkles, and cookie cutter set.

However for my one niece and nephew instead of gift cards, they had a “Cake Boss” Christmas Extravaganza – they LOVE the Cake Boss.  I got them Buddy’s two cookbooks, Buddy Valastro Talking Bobblehead Highlights Christmas 2011, and Cake Boss mixing bowl set.  But the biggest gift (that earned us the honor of being the world’s best aunt and uncle) are tickets to see the Cake Boss Live Show (March 16th in Trenton, NJ) – they are VIP tickets so there is a meet and greet after the show.

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I’m so looking forward to seeing the smiles when we get to meet the Cake Boss in March – it is going to be a memory for a lifetime.

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