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Ghost Story 300x166 Ghostly Encounters

My first encounter with a ghost was in 1968 when I was a teenager.  Years later, another haunting experience I had was a in house I lived in about 25 years ago. It was located in a medium size city, and was in a neighborhood the city was considering making historic, so it was pretty old. I had rented two spare bedrooms to college students and they were always hearing footsteps above in the attic. I’m a very sound sleeper so I didn’t hear the footsteps that often – but occassionally I did too. No one was bothered too much by it, unless the footsteps started coming down the attic stairs. Usually who ever heard the footsteps on the steps would immeidately run downstairs (myself included) and some times out to the front porch until the footsteps stopped.

My sister stayed with me for awhile in one of the bedrooms in this house.  One night she started yelling for me. As I said I am a sound sleeper – so it took awhile for me to get semi-conscious. I yelled back, “what? go to sleep!” She yelled louder, “NO WAY GET IN HERE NOW!” So I stumbled down the hallway and she was sitting up in bed with the lights on — and the clothes in the closet were swinging back and forth as if there was a strong breeze in room (but no window was open and there was no breeze). I wasn’t half asleep any more that is for sure. I told her to get out of bed and come with me; we sorta backed out of the bedroom and closed the door behind us and crawled under the covers in my room and sat there huddled together watching my bedroom door hoping what ever it was in the closet wasn’t going to come down the hall into my room too. (We were all such chickens back then hehehe)

Another night I was sound asleep, my bedroom door was open and small night light was on in the hallway. I rolled over, shifted a bit, and opened my eyes the tinest bit — and there was large shadow next to my bed, at first I just said “go away,” and almost fell back to sleep (I really hate being woken up) — but as I layed there it slowly dawned on me — there shouldn’t be a large human figured shaped shadow standing next to my bed. I peeked just the tiniest bit and sure enough it was still there. I closed my eyes really tight and ducked under the covers (after all covers are magical and can protect us from anything right ???? hehehe). I laid very very still figuring if it thought I was asleep it would just go away.

I’ve had a few other ghostly experiences but nothing in the last years.  Another time I’ll post about some of those other personal experiences with ghosts and entities.  Please feel free to share your ghost stories in comments (or if you have a blog post up about a ghost story, leave the link) – I’d love to hear about your ghostly encounters.

Happy Hauntings, Lady Rose

A special welcome to all those who are visiting via Witch Blog’s  Real Witches of Halloween Tour Day 27 (2011).  Thank you for dropping by and have a safe and happy Halloween.

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  7 Responses to “Ghostly Encounters”

  1. I so love your voice in these posts– feels so much like we’re sitting in the living room, having tea and talking. :)

    And on my end, ghosts tend to pop in every so often; we’ve a cat that has followed me from coast to coast– my first familiar, actually. I thought at first it was just me and wishful thinking until others asked where the *other* “big brown cat” was — and our current pair of felines are a slender golden bengal and a maine coon mix who was NOT the one being asked about. Not that I mind having Mer about– rather nice to know he still wants to be with us!

    • I truly believe our pets often stay with us after they pass – how sweet that Mer is with you. And thank you for the compliment, I’m so glad you are enjoying the blog. :)

  2. I love reading about real ghostly tales. Thank you for sharing yours. I believe, like you do, bed covers can make anything go away.

    I’ve had ghostly experiences in most of the places I’ve lived. When I was little I used to hear breathing next to me when I was in bed. I used to hold my breath to make sure it wasn’t me. Years later I found out my brother, in the next room, had similar experiences. My dad would hear footsteps along the hall and one occasion the radio came on really loudly, even though nobody was near it and it was unplugged.

    • Sounds like a definite haunting in the house you lived in when you were little.

      I’m grateful that nothing was around when my daughter was younger so she was frightened, but she is a teen now and don’t think the house we are in now is haunted and no much happens and I sorta of miss it. – though there are few odd things now and then (a statue that gets moved or turned around on sheld that inside a cabinet behind a glass door or an item goes missing for awhile – sometimes a looooong while and then returns to a spot that if it had been there all along it would have been seen).

  3. I love your blog… I’m still reading your posts :) BTW, I found you via Real Witches of Halloween’s blog. I’m still kinda new at this blogging thing and still learning about personalizing mine etc. Your page is lovely.

    • Thank you for the visit and the compliment. :) I have been blogging for a few years now – but I know absolutely zero about how to set up a blog and design – I am fortunate enough to have an online friend who did the design and set for me for a very very reasonable price. I did manage to install some useful plugins on my own and added a few things to the sidebar – but otherwise that is about it. There is also a very helpful blog One Starry Night – she posts a lot of tips (check out her categories link or use her search bar and type in blog, plugins, and other terms to find her posts on blogging tips). she is very nice and very helpful and her rates are the best around if you decided you need a bit of help – she has information on that on one of her pages.

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