Dec 102011

XmasExplosion 2 Christmas Has Exploded

I had Friday off from work and since I couldn’t blog I decided to get a jump on holiday preparations so I ran to a few store to get some last minute items and wrapping paper since I couldn’t find my usual stash of rolls and tags and decided to just pick up a new stash.

Every year I think “ok this Christmas I didn’t go overboard and I don’t have that much to wrap” and yet every year when I bring out everything and spread it out to organize and wrap it ends up being a huge pile.  I tend to shop throughout the year when I see sales or find an item that I just know is perfect for someone.

Teacherman (my hubby) has one bag this year – but it is filled with 8 packages to unwrap.  Angelgirl has a nice pile of 8 packages also – 2 for her stocking with a few other little items tossed in, and a couple of the boxes contain more than one item since they went together.

For my two nieces and four nephews I get gift cards every year.  However, to make it interesting I like to give the gift cards in a “family” gift basket or gift bag for the three families (2 sisters, 1 brother).  This year’s theme for the gift bags is baking (since for one niece and nephew instead of a gift card I got them a bunch of things from Cake Boss – 2 cookbooks, booble head, and mixing bowl set (they LOVE the Cake Boss). The three family gift bags have cake mixes, frostings, cake decorating sprinkles and a box set of writing frosting tubes and the cake pan shaped like a giant cupcake.  For my other brother I put together a big box of gifts and that will be shipped today (he is in Arkansas in a nursing homse).  For my mom I usually get her one or two little things and give her cash (since that is what she needs most) – but this year there were a lot of little things she mentioned that she needed or wanted, so she has a large gift bag with 4 packages to open (one containing four related items) and I chipped in to get her a larger gift that my sister is getting her.

I have a couple of friends I get gifts for.  My very best friend Mama Kelly and her family are always fun to gift shop for.  Since her one daughter’s birthday is Dec. 26th, I like to get her two separate gifts (and this year I did the same for her other daughter since I didn’t get to see her in Oct. for her birthday).  I like to support Mama Kelly’s magical and witchy interests so every year I usually manage to find a few interesting things for her.   But since she reads my blog, I can’t post any details about this year’s surprises.

XmasExplosion 1 Christmas Has Exploded

I still have 32 goodies bags to put together for the students in Teacherman’s classes.  He teaches at a high school – but the kids still love getting the treats and get a kick out of them.  My daughter and I have fun putting these together every year (small bags of goldfish, Little Debbie xmas tree snacks, xmas rice krispie treats, some candy, etc.).  I also need to get my Chrsitmas cards done (but first I have to find Angelgirl’s school photo package so I can include a photo with the cards – it’s in this house some where!).  Closer to Christmas I will be baking four loaves of pumpkin bread as gifts for a neighbor and a some elderly friends that we like to drop in on for the holidays.  Teacherman and Angelgirl do all the cookie baking and put together cookie tins for family and friends.

This weekend we will start putting up the tree.  And tonight we are going to Grounds for Sculpture to see their light and decoration displays.   It is only 2 miles from our house and it is a wonderful collection of various art located on acres and acres of land, with a large lake and restaurant.  We have a family pass and visit often.

Has Christmas exploded in your house?

Bright Blessings, Lady Rose

Note: For the past two days Blissful Moon has been in the process of switching hosting providers, and that meant no changes to the blog for 24 to 48 hours.   It’s been almost 48 hours now so I think it is safe to go ahead and post.

pixel Christmas Has Exploded

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  1. Your home sounds like a wonderful place, and your heart is so wonderful to give happiness to so many! We’re just pleased to have a home and pay the rent this Christmas, I think… I have hope that good is around the corner :D

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