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CircleOfTreesNov2011 002 300x225 Arrow Breaking and Fire Walking
*the arrow I broke*

Part 1:  One of the most empowering things I’ve done in my life was to participate in arrow breaking and fire walking at the Be Thankful Circle of Trees Retreat this past weekend (Nov. 11-13, 2011).  In preparation for the fire walking, Saturday evening we gathered around the large bonfire blazing on the hill.  We each took a log and focused our intentions into it and added it the fire. We than walked back into the large dining room for the arrow breaking. Everyone was excited, a little nervous, and some of us were not sure whether we would do the arrow breaking and a few had some doubts about doing the fire walking.  I knew I was going to do the fire walking, but the arrow breaking I was a little more hesitant about.  But after the presentation and information was given, and the circle and chanting began I knew right away I was definitely going to do it!  Our instructor was Kat Naslas, she studied at Sundoor School of Transpersonal Education.

Arrow Breaking: One of the facilitators held a colorful board with a notch to place the feather end of the arrow in.  The point end of the arrow was placed against the throat (the soft spot just above where the notch is at the center  collar bones).  Leaning forward slightly to hold the arrow in place between my throat and the board without using my hands, (as instructed) visualizing what I wanted to break through or break out of my life, I then took three deep breaths as the other women chanted and on the third breath, held it and stepped forward without hestitation moving forward.  The arrow snapped into three pieces.  The room was filled with energy and smiles, as each woman took her place in front of the board, placed the arrow and stepped forward.

By breaking down your fears the expereince can be a huge catalyst that frees you to move forward in your life with confidence.  Facing something that appears to be able to kill you, but moving past that fear to discover you are more powerful than your fear helps to break down the illusion of barriers you have created to stop yourself from doing what can truly make you happy in life or give you inner strength to deal with a difficult situation and over come it.  It is an experience that helps you trust yourself and your inner power – you are more powerful than your fear.

A word of caution – this should NEVER be done alone or without the proper training of a trained professional who knows how to do this technique safely.

The next morning the pieces of arrow were tied together to create an “arrow of intention” (using colored yarn and feathers) and placed in the ground so that our intentions could grow and spread throughout the earth.   I placed mine near the ashes from the firewalking the night before for a little while and when it was time to leave the retreat I made sure to bring the arrow home (where it is now set in the ground between two big trees in my yard).

CircleOfTreesNov2011 012 225x300 Arrow Breaking and Fire Walking
*my arrow of intention*

More details about the firewalking (part 2) have been posted 11/18/11.

Live life with courage and love, Lady Rose


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  1. Awesome! … and so empowering!

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